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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Knoxville, Georgia on 2009-11-01 00:00:00 - Large silent black rectangle circled my 11 acres

Me and three other people were setting inside my single wide mobile home on my 11 acres of land. we were talking when i heard a very soft (all most inaudible) hum. recently tornados had gone through my county and i was quite weary of storms so i walked to my back door and opened it to check the weather. there was no sound outside but a lot of cloud to cloud lightning in the distance. i stood there a moment and noticed something moving above my tree line (a hundred yards or so away). i couldn’t see it very well at that moment just a black silhouette against the lightning in the back ground (no thunder). it was shaped like a black domino, the size of a few football fields, floating silently, horizontally at the speed of an ultralight, perhaps even slower but much bigger, its altitude must have been as high as two or three fully grown pine trees. the object was directly in front of me traveling from my left to my right. one of my friends walked over to me and i asked them what they thought it was. after a moment watching it we could see the rear of the object (i’m assuming the rear since it was going away from us now) there were two red/orange lights like engines from a star wars movie, no glow just the color, like it was a red/orange sticker stuck to the rear (i don’t know if they were engines though) they were the complete height of the object which i’m guessing was about a two-story building. as if you put your thumb in the center of a rectangle and to the left and right side of your thumb was red/orange light and where your thumb is it was black like the rest of the object. my friend looked at me and we both agreed we never seen anything like that before (warner robins air force base is about 30 minutes away so we see planes and the such all the time.) we watched as it tilted 45 degrees like a plane banking left but it stayed on the same course it had been on. we watched the back end of it (the engines) until it passed behind some trees (we could only make out the shape of the object with each flash of lightning in the distance of which there was an abundant amount). awe struck we walked back to the living room and started to explain to the two-other people hanging out what we just saw. i was ecstatic telling them how i’ve never seen anything like that before. a few minutes later (less then five) while we are describing the object i heard the same vague hum. i asked if anyone else could hear the hum, they could not. excited i ran to the back door but there was nothing there, disappointed i walked around to the front of my mobile home to take a look and to my surprise there it was, a giant black rectangle moving very slowly, about 5 acers away, across my field, above more tree lines. coming from my left to my right again (as if it had circled my property while we were inside). it was very large, completely silent (i could only hear the hum both times inside the mobile home). the object was horizontal again and i could see the front since it was so far to my left. there were no lights of any kind on the front, bottom and side. i watched it slowly crossing my field. a few minutes passed and i realized the other three had come out side and they were watching it, not saying a word. the object made a slow turn to the right (never banking) as if it was following a giant half circle. realizing i was not alone and others were witnessing the same thing i began jumping up and down screaming “what the expletive is that? what is that? do yall expletive see that” no one said a word. we watched it for a few more minutes until it was going away from us in the direction of warner robins airforce base that’s when we could see the rear and there were the red/orange engines again. it never made a sound and moved way to slowly to be able to stay in the air for its rectangular shape and size. perhaps it was some weird blimp i’ve never seen before. the next day my friend that saw it the first time with me refused to talk about it saying over and over it was just a c-130, though it moved way to slow and c-130’s are super loud that close. the other two swore it was an alien craft (one friend, my future wife, claimed to be very frightened during the whole ordeal) which made me laugh (though it could have been, not doubting that possibility). i didn’t even think about aliens, i was thinking it was some piece of technology the u.S government had that we have not been told about yet, something similar to how people thought the stealth bomber years ago was an alien craft. i never felt endangered the entire time. i just find it so odd that a day or two later my friend (that saw it with me first) was so reluctant to talk about the experience saying it was just a c-130 even though all the rest of that night he was flabbergasted as the rest of us. that was in 2009, at the time of me writing this it is 2018 and i have never seen the object again. i apologize for the description being so lengthy.

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Credit: MUFON

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