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Friday, January 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in AlHamra, on 2018-01-25 10:15:00 - i was out side and i saw the object flying in a very strange way like it floating and no sound/ idont think the object changed direction but what amized me that it crossed the area tow times

this thing happened at 10 a m i was in the backyard and i saw object flying in a very strange way it was not that there is time for me to see object like that so i decide to take my phone and record a video so i can analyse the video to understand what was that so many so what's came to my mind in the first place i thought it was an airplane but later recognise how it's very slow like its floating in the air and there is no similar way to be an airplane so maybe i said it was a cylinder shaped objects or a cigar shape taken from the angle i was seeing this object it might be a circular anyway that object was reflecting the lights so it must be made by metallic materials but again i cannot tell what it was i kept recording the video until it disappear when it disappeared i stopped recording and just few minutes later the same objects appeared again or we can say another 1 identical to the previous one so i start recording again it moves from the same route that the previous one was moving on it was a very strange if it was an airplane why is moving again in the same rut oh why there is another one following the same previous one i don't really understand and the speed it was the same from the prevuse one where is slow and looks like it was floating no sound nothing like an airplane could do location of evevnt is in oman in the area of wilayat al hamra no specific feelings only i concentrate in recording the video and i tried to communicate with the object in case it was something could see me because i thought it was something also watching me or observing the area the second time only i tried to communicate with it by waving my hand and focus my thoughts to the object but nothing happened the object was strange but i don't really no for real if it craft for another beings

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Credit: MUFON

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