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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on 2016-11-29 18:15:00 - Observed bright star-like light for 15 minutes until it disappeared behind neighbours roof line. used 8 x 25 binoculars to see five lights across the side facing me. circular illuminated lights could have been windows. they seemed quite large.

On tuesday november 29, 2016 at 6:10pm local time(it had been dark for awhile) i went out into my garage. once i had entered the rear door of the garage my attention was immediatly drawn to a very bright light in a southwestern location outside the garages' south facing window. i assumed it was a star -venus specifically- but was curious enough to go and get my binoculars,7 year old canon 8x25 is. on the previous thursday night at around 7 pm i and a neighbour had used a phone app to correctly locate venus from his front lawn. this location now of what i thought should have been venus seemed off once i started to mentally compared it to the previous thursday nights location of venus. this is probably what prompted me to go and get my binoculars and go back into the garage to observe the star through the window again from what i had determined was the best vantage point after walking around the property. i had no reason to expect to see anything but a star until i looked through the binoculars and saw that it was a circular disk with 5 light filled apertures in a row along the side/edge facing me. i was at once confused and shocked because i was expecting to see one bright light, as from a star, not a disk with 5 light-filled openings in a row. multiple times i switched between looking at it with just my naked eyes and then through the binoculars. it was always the same, single bright light with naked eye and five separate lights around the outside disk shape when viewing through the binoculars. i just kept saying to myself "it has five lights". i was so surprised. it was moving so slowly that i didn't think it was moving at all except that during the 15 minutes that i could see it i had moved to a position up against the garage door (1 1/2feet) and was standing on my tiptoes in order to continue watching it over and beyond my neighbours roof. it did not seem to change altitude for the duration of the time i watched it. it did not revolve. it did not display any other light colour other than white nor did any lights ever blink. the five apertures on the side/edge visible to me seemed rather large and did not appear to be the source of the bright light visible with the unaided eye. by that point i wouldn't have been surprised to see figures moving past any of these openings around the sides of the inside of the craft. but i did not see any movement. there were a few wispy clouds in the sky which allowed me to see that there were additional lights continuing around the out of view sides/edge of the craft. the clouds reflected back enough of the crafts light to allow me to see its shape. i watched until it disappeared behind the neighbours roof line. during the time i was watching it i called my husband who was a 5 minute drive due west of me and he grabbed binoculars but could only see the singular bright light. so then i called a co-worker. she was driving south to go home and though she could see the bright light she had no binoculars to view it more closely. this is not my first sighting of a disk shaped craft from my home. that is for another report. sincerely

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Credit: MUFON

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