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Sunday, January 7, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Lansing, Michigan on 1999-08-31 00:00:00 - Triangle object w/ 25 to 50 tinkerbell like white orbs resembling a force field around the craft.

Forgive me for waiting so long to come out with this but this event is somewhat fresh in my mind the way it played out and with all that is going on in the world, it just seemed like ti should reveal this story. i was with a handful of friends at a friends house located directly across the street from a large department store. my friends began playing a drinking game and i had no desire to drink so i decided to go outside and sit on the porch and have a cigarette. my view consisted of a large empty parking lot with one or two randomly parked cars, multiple street lights and no sign of human activity but not too late at night. (think of a target store parking lot way after it's closed but all lights are on). i'm not sure if the object appeared or just approached me but out of nowhere i see 3 glowing red lights in the shape of a triangle flying directly towards me but not at me if you get what i mean. at the moment i realized what i was seeing (a ufo) i was so excited i jumped up (slowly) and took a couple of steps off the porch and stepped onto the sidewalk to get a better look. then, i immediately noticed 2 to 4 dozen small "tinker bell" sized (and equal in brightness) shaped orbs randomly rotating in no specific order around the outside of the triangle aircraft. and as the object approached closer i also noticed there was no exhaust or sound of propulsion but i could hear the tinker bell orbs that enclosed the triangle sound like streaks and pops of electricity. also, the triangle aircraft seemed to glide and not fly. as it flew directly over me and i realized my mouth was wide open in awe, i quickly ran back to the house about ten feet away and began pounding on a very large front window to get my best friends attention inside. my friend came out moments later like wtf dude? i replied that i just saw a ufo that flew towards me and i lost sight of it behind the house. he laughed at me and told everyone inside that i just saw a ufo and they all laughed too. one friend believed me and we immediately ran to the backyard to see where it went but the sky was empty by then, maybe 2-3 minutes later. i don't think this as "aliens" but more military tech that was alien like. it started at a 45 degree angle relative to my view, directly above the department store and flew directly over me to behind the house where my view became obstructed by trees and houses. one thing i noticed that was strange as well was the fact that one of the only two cars in the empty parking lot was a black suv that i swear i could see an alfred hitchcock like silhouette of a person. i assumed it was abandoned but after the object left, the suv soon followed. i became very intrigued in what i saw and began searching youtube for similar sightings. what i soon learned is that the object i may have saw could have been the us gov't astra tr-3b. however in every captured video, only a few show 3 red lights, almost all have a fourth light in the center that glows and absolutely none of the videos showed evidence of the 2-4 dozen tinker bell like objects that surrounded the object which i saw. i am strongly convinced that what i witnessed was anti-gravity technology being tested. this happened almost 20 years ago so i my dates aren't exact but i do believe this technology is almost elementary by now.

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Credit: MUFON

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