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Saturday, January 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Colver, Pennsylvania on 1989-12-31 22:10:00 - Fluorescent green ball emitting same color beams in my direction.

12/31/1989 age 10 went out to feed my dog who was at the bottom of my yard about 50 feet from my house.First stopped to feed and water the rabbits in the pen, looked off to my right and there was a flourescent green glowing ball in the sky at treetop level just hovering.I stood in shock and watched it for a minute then proceeded to walk to the dogpen and after about 5 steps,this thing started shooting flourescent green beams in my direction.So i dropped what i had and ran for the house and told my mom,she ran outside and saw this thing shooting beams.We both went back in the house and i was hysterical.My dad wouldnt go out and look but about 30 mins after we observed it,it was gogonafter that i would have these dreams that i was being sucked out of my own body and floating thru the air.Anyways,6 months later i have this lump appear on my leg,i go to the drs and they said it was some kind of growth and i had it removed.It was sent away for biopsy and the report came back that the skin was imbedded with an unidentifiable metal and would need to go thru further testing but i was a minor and left it alone. i ofter have dreams to this day tjat paralyze my body and i feel as tho im going thru astral projection.Over the years my mother and i have seen many more ufos and we both suffer from odd medical conditions.

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Credit: MUFON

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