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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Hot Springs, Arkansas on 2016-07-20 19:30:00 - I seen a triangle shaped standing on end and the craft was not moving at all like u hung a school bus on end in the sky.

I just got off work at berry plastic and as i was going through the gate something caught my eye in the sky i thought at first it was a helicopter cause there is a airport mybe 10 miles away but when looked i couldn't believe what i was seeing it was rectangle shaped object standing on end not moving at all and the whole thing was wrapped in chrome panels no windows no lights no markings no engine no sound just hanging there it looked about the size of a school bus standing on end hanging mybe a 100ft or so i was so shocked and amazed by it it took me a few seconds i need to get my phone out and get it on video and i was driving and there was 100 people leaving work behind me so i was going to video it once i got off the rd were everyone was coming out of work mybe 10 sec and i had my phone out and turned on so when got to the place to pull over it was gone i look around the sky in every direction nothing in just 5 to 10 secs there is no way anything could be gone that fast i was mad at myself self for not getting it on video it was just so amazing to get to see it i have watched shows on ufo and i have never seen anything like it but the next day i was at a friends house that works there with me and he was in front of me leaving work and i asked him if he seen the same thing i seen but he said he didn't see anything i told him how could you not see it the sun was shining off the front of it and everything and he laughed at me so i told him just wait when we go back to work on monday i would be shocked if everyone's isn't taking about it and i told him i won't say a word about it and we see so monday came i get to work i was ready to tell him i told you it real but to my amusement not one person said anything about it and didn't say any thing there should have been hundreds of witnesses but that's not all about 2 months later i was leaving work i turned on the rd that i was going to pull over on to get video and i see a super bright light right above the gas station in front of me and it was so bright u couldn't even look at it to much it was like trying to look at the sun and it was moving away from moving west and it was the same way i going to get home i couldn't see it again because of the trees till i got closer to home and by then it had moved over my house and was still traveling west but was several miles away then it stopped and moved up and down me and my sister watched it for about 30mins and i did get pictures of it but it was night and my cheap phone it just looked like a a blob of light no details but i grabbed my binoculars so i could see it better and it was really weird it was a triangle shape and the whole thing was covered in orange and red flames so in 2 months i got to see 2 ufos and not the same thing but 2 different types of ufos what is the odds of that happening iam sorry it has taken so long to report this i have been on here 3 times but i just couldn't do it and everyone i have told just laughed it off but it has really changed me i look at things in a totally different way now and i think about it almost every time i go out side we are differently not alone but if would like to talk to me about it contact me ian not a good writer so i can give u more details about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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