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Monday, January 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Deltona, Florida on 2018-01-19 19:40:00 - Uncharacteristically bright light that changed directions and then dissolved into nothing

To whom it may concern, here is the deal. i can neither prove or disprove the existence of aliens, ufo’s, etc. however i am a 15 year army aviation veteran. i have worked on and maintained just about every type of airframe in the air today. i grew up hanging out with my grandfather at the general aviation airport near where i grew up here in florida. i have spent the bulk of my life watching the stars and i have learned to recognize most aircraft at night. i am no expert, but i am confident that i can tell an aircraft from something else at night. to that end, tonight i saw something in the sky some distance east by south east from my home in central florida that drew my attention. at first, i thought it was a helicopter that had it’s search light on. then as i looked at it for a moment, i realized that the color was all wrong. my second thought was that it was a jet coming out of orlando international airport or sanford international airport with it’s landing light still on. however i realized it was moving towards me, and i could not make out the tell tail red and green wing lights. on a clear night, even at these distances, you can usually make out the port and starboard wing lights. add to that the out of character brightness of the light, and i found myself standing in the cold watching this object. because it was moving towards my location, i didn’t think anything about the speed. at these distances, aircraft will look like they are going slower than they are if your sight line is right. i didn’t think anything about it until it turned east. the turn was nothing spectacular, in fact it seemed kind of slow like that of a helicopter banking. that was when i noticed the lack of strobe markers and that the brightness didn’t change. this is when it did something peculiar. it started to defuse. not fade out, but defuse, like it was flying through a cloud. now, i checked the cloud cover radar for my area, and while the satellite radar does show a uniform cloud cover, when i look up outside, i can still see stars approximately magnitude 5 and brighter. one of the reasons i love living out in the country is the lack of light pollution because, like i said, i have spent most of my life looking at the night sky. i could see other jets climbing to altitude, and their lights were the same as they ascended. in fact, there was a jet departing on a northern heading as this… thing started to bank and then defuse. so if any pilots actually report any “anomalies” between sanford and daytona, bearing north east, heading east; i will know i am not completely nuts. i am hoping that you folks over at mufon can tell me. it is 22:38 at the time of this letter. i would say i saw this object at between 19:40 and 20:00 hours est. if it was just a strange artifact effect of a plane's lights i wouldn’t be upset. however if i have actually finally seen a ufo… great. i don’t know enough about sightings beyond the dramatized versions we see on tv shows, or the laughable “nut jobs” that everyone likes to poke fun at. personally i have a very firm belief in god, however i feel that given the vastness of the universe to say that we are the only life that god created is the hight of human vanity. especially if you factor in the drake equation.

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Credit: MUFON

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