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Thursday, January 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Paducah, Kentucky on 2016-03-17 16:30:00 - Captured screen grabs while observing live feed of the international space station of unknown objects taking plasma from the solar surface

On march 17, 2016, while at home, i opened an app that i had downloaded on my ipad called iss hd live. it’s an app that allows the viewer to see a live feed broadcast from the international space station, and i enjoy the app as background entertainment while i do work online. this day i opened the app and instead of the usual view of earth from orbit, i was greeted by two views of the sun, apparently being observed from the iss. it was a split screen, on the left side was a filtered view of the sun and on the right side was a zoomed in view of the same scene. they were labeled “macro view” on the left and “micro view” on the right. to my astonishment i observed two very bright objects, like plasma or something, appear from the far right of the screen and move to the left toward the surface of the sun. i watched them move to the sun and seem to land on it. very quickly they began to swell to large balloon like objects as they seemingly drew plasma from the surface of the sun. more lights appeared while this was happening and in the midst of them was a very distinct dark colored object that suddenly appeared near the sun and began to release blobs of plasma that followed the same behavior as the previous ones. i began to take screen shots because i’m pretty familiar with sun activity and this didn’t seem like anything anyone has seen before. at first, i thought maybe this was a solar flare. it resembles a flare in some ways, however, solar flares begin on the sun and these plasma like balls of light appeared from the right side of the screen and moved to the sun! they also began as balls of light but grew to enormous proportions while apparently attached to the sun in groups that are arranged symmetrically, as you can see in the attached photos. that isn’t a solar flare, so i thought maybe meteors. i am pretty sure however that meteors do not hover. also, the “plasma balloons” that were attached to the sun seemed to have an outline of some sort, dark like some sort of container, or force that was keeping the plasma together in an elongated sphere. the biggest problem here with this being natural phenomena is the dark object seemingly controlling these plasma things. the object is clearly visible in the attached photos. one screen grab actually defines edges to this object, making it appear as a very large rectangle stood up on end. for it to be as visible as it was, it must have been larger than the earth itself, based on its scale to the sun. i was stunned at what i was seeing and i took 8 screenshots throughout this event. only 8 because i was arguing logic with myself and in denial of what was happening, and happening live all over the world, at least to those watching the feed at that time. i can not be the only one to witness this though i may be the only one who thought to screen grab it, i do not know. the most dramatic event took place at the end of this event. these plasma things attached to the sun blinked out all at once, and appeared again way less than a second later and had merged into one very bright and extremely large barred circle of i guess plasma. it has to be many times bigger than the entire earth. this is also visible in the attached photos. the feed ended at this point and went to a blue screen. this was a live video feed, so it’s likley that the iss has a copy of this footage somewhere. i sat on these photos for over a year because i simply had no idea what to do with them. and i was sure i would find a natural explanation for all this. i’ve found none. i didn’t want to put these out there and find out they are explainable, i’d feel silly! so i’ve tried and tried to find out what this could be, and really there is no known phenomena that takes the characteristics described above. so now i’ll give them to you guys. please at some point if possible at all, get in touch with me via email address i provided and tell me this is a natural phenomena or something so i can rest my mind on this! but i don’t think it’s natural at all. thank you for considering this report, paul meyers

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Credit: MUFON

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