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Saturday, January 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Gulf Breeze, Florida on 2018-01-07 06:05:00 - I was sure i was looking at jupiter and venus when orbs shot off and disappeared

I was out duck hunting with 3 other friends. two friends went to hunt elsewhere while myself and another sat in our duck blind. after sitting in the blind for roughly 5 minutes, i looked up an noticed two planet-like objects in the sky, one slightly brighter than the other, over what was generally gulf breeze, fl. i briefly thought that i don't remember seeing those there just moments before (i was sitting there for 5 minutes and did not notice them). then my thoughts quickly moved on and i said, "oh look, that must be venus and jupiter", to which my friend replied, "yeah i think i read something about them being pretty visible this week." they appeared to be brighter than the planets as i have seen them many times before. i said, "i'm going to get out my binoculars and have a look." but i ultimately decided not to get binoculars out because they were still put away. then after observing these two stationary objects for roughly 45 seconds or so, as we were both looking directly at them, the objects shot off in a direction up and away from us, fading away ever so slightly. i immediately had an amazing feeling over my body. i started hyperventilating and eyes watering. i was in shock over what i just saw as i was sure i was looking at two planets. as i analyzed what just happened, i noticed a plane landing at pensacola airport, and was able to determine that what i saw was not a plane. i then asked my 68 year old friend, "have you ever seen anything like that in your life?" to which he replied, "never."

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Credit: MUFON

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