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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Firestone, Colorado on 1995-07-31 00:00:00 - Possible "aurora" spy-plane sighting

at the time of the sighting, was working at a newly acquired job at a sand/gravel production pit that was located approx. 1/4 mile to the west of the intersection area of i-25 and co st. hwy. 119, just to the north of hwy. 119, near the little community of del camino, co. had been working the job for a couple of weeks, which would put the sighting date around the middle of that month. was in the site's "wash plant" area, where smaller particulate materials are processed (sand/small gravel), and was engaged in the activity of greasing conveyor belt return-roller zirks. was in the process of attempting to attach the grease gun's fitting to the zirk of a conveyor return-roller that was situated a little above my head level, causing me to look almost directly upwards at the moment, while facing east. while looking upwards, i noticed movement of an object passing through the air at moderately high altitude, as it entered my field of vision being used for the overhead work activity. because of the object's color pattern, had initially thought it was some kind of gull/pelican/stork avian passing over the area, of a type more along a greyish coloration, than the more common white. the displayed speed of the object rapidly ruled out an avian, so i stopped my activities and brought the object under intense observation. atmospheric and weather conditions at the time were hot & balmy (close proximity of water sources, raised humidity levels), with mild breeze out of the sw, cloudless sky with light, high-altitude atmospheric haze, and the sun was at an approx. 45-50 degrees off of the horizon to the sse. the object appeared as a large, basically triangular material construct that was longer in its fore-to-aft area, than in its side-to-side "wings" area. the object appeared to be approx. 60-80 ft. in length x 40-60 ft. in width, and deviated from true triangular shape with a centralized, slight, angular extension to its shape in the aft area, giving it the appearance of actually possessing 4 angles and sides. the object was of an overall light coloration, which allowed it to blend in quite well with the surrounding sky coloring prevalent at the time (normal light-blue, with slight greyish ting from haze). a dark-colored "stripe" was noticed upon each of its "wings", running the length of the wing from fore-to-aft, and seemingly positioned onto the wing more heavily towards the wingtips, than the object's centerline. object's altitude appeared to be noticeably below normal high-altitude cruising levels used by commercial airliners, and was estimated at approx. 20,000 ft., which the object did not appear to deviate from. object was travelling on a south-to-north linear trajectory, seemingly as if above and following the course of i-25, which was maintained throughout the observation period. the object displayed a consistent, rapid speed throughout the sighting, that i estimated to be approx. 3x the pace of a cruising high-altitude commercial airliner, or in excess of full-throttle speeds of most fighter jets. as i watched the object pass overhead, i noticed that its passage was through a light layer of atmospheric haze, and that it was leaving a "wake-wash" turbulence effect in the haze behind its progress, although the object did not produce any kind of con-trail at that altitude. safety ear-plugs were being worn at the time, and ambient noise levels of the area prevented any detection of associated sound. object was observed for approx. 1.25 minutes on the northward trajectory, until lost to eyesight in the distance. sketch available.

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Credit: MUFON

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