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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Oxnard, California on 2010-03-25 00:00:00 - Didn’t see the outside and it was so dark inside i only saw the being directly to my right

In 1981-82?As a child age 2-3? i would see 2 shadow figures standing in front of my window looking at me while i stare at them. being too young i wasn’t scared but just curious starring at them from my crib. it happened sometime in the middle of the night(unsure of the time as i was too young but i know it was dark. on one occasion they just stared at me. these 2 shadow figures. a second time i was playing in my room about the same time 2-3 years old. this time i could see the hallight on from under my door when i felt scared and went towards my room door which i found out did not have a lock when i attempted to open it the door would resist. i could not open it and when i tried crying out i could not hear my voice no matter how loud i cried out. i don’t know how long it lasted but all of a sudden just stopped and my door once again opened and the lights which had gone off only in my room i’m assuming since i saw the lights on in the hall and could hear the tv my parents were watching in the living room. as a child from age 6-12 i would draw what i thought was a new alphabet i invented which is strange in itself but i would get the urge to draw out a new alphabet an example a would be a dot b would be 2 dots side by side c would be 2 vertical lines but tilted forward like the forward slash on a keyboard and so on. then as a teenager around 1995-99 i would have these intense dreams of this global battle. i don’t know where but the landscape was unfamiliar and the only building was a plain square building with what looked like egyptian hieroglyphics covering the front of the building. the building itself was large but looked like 3-5 stories tall. i remember i was part of the battle and was able to either jump far or fly but i was in battle with these reptile people who looked to be invading. another dream would be this giant eyeball bigger then me looking at me as i play i. my cousins back yard like i would do when i’d visit him. fast forward to 2010 i go to sleep like any other night when i wake up to see a grey or light beige alien figure. he’s standing on my right hand side and i know i wasn’t in my room because the wall was on the right side of my bed. my eyes focus and i see it and shocked i make a low ugggh! noise. it stops whatever it was doing and looks at me as it noticed i had woken up it waves it’s hand over my face and i don’t remeber anything after that. i woke up the next morning still thinking about what i had seen when i noticed a sharp pain with a burning sensation on my left inner forearm sort of like when you burn yourself the pain you feel after and the pain you feel the next day to where it’s still hurting but what i saw is what really freaked me out. i had a small v shaped scare about a half in wide and not like a cut but like a cut that had been laser sealed which would explain the sharp burning pain. i had that scar for 5 months and the burning pain never going away. then from one night to the next it had totally vanished but not before getting a picture. i haven’t had any expeirences that i know of to date. the dreams subsided and it seems they were done with me until a few months back when i start hearing these high pitched noise like a microphone coming in contact with a speaker. they last about 1 or 2 seconds and are nothing like the ringing in the ears. i’ve also noticed my body has been generating static shock to where i’m getting shocked from touching anything and not even on rug but in my kitchen with tile and bathroom with linoleum. it seems to last a couple of weeks then stops for months. overall the experience has left me with that of a victim and the feeling of being powerless with the fear it can happen again at anytime. i am confident putting this on an fbi polygraph because i know the results will be in my favor. i am of hispanic origin and am type o negative blood same as my mother.

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Credit: MUFON

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