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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Augusta, Georgia on 2018-01-23 18:39:00 - Trail of sequential lights blinking up to at least six (6) times before disappearing.

My significant other and i were driving back from dinner in downtown augusta, georgia and taking doug barnard parkway (southbound) to our residence in augusta. directly ahead of us and slightly to the right (southwest sky) we had seen a large and bright white (almost shimmering) light in the sky. the light was very much in the open night sky and well above the treetops. the light then disappeared and reappeared slightly up and to the left from the original light we had seen. it was at this point i pulled my vehicle to a stop onto the shoulder of the road. then, the second light disappeared and reappeared where the original light was seen. in perfect rhythm, the light would disappear and reappear slightly lower and to the right from it's previous location (almost as if it were slowly descending) until after roughly 6-8 times, it simply had vanished. given it's current rate of motion and speed at the time, it would have been able to be seen again, but it never showed up. the last light was nowhere close to the tops of the treeline. my mobile phone was unfortunately unable to take picture/video at the time due to its low charge, and by the time my significant other had gotten the video recorder up on her mobile phone, the lights had disappeared entirely. now, it is worth mentioning at this point, i have seen this phenomenon once before from my own residence in augusta, ga (located approximately five minutes s-sw from this sighting) on february 10, 2015. at that time, the lights had appeared very similar to what i have described in this encounter, but had reappeared in a totally different area of the sky and moved in a completely opposite pattern. hoping the lights would reappear again (much like the first encounter almost 3 years previous), we waited by the roadside, but the lights had not returned. i continued scanning the sky in all directions for the following five minutes and for the remainder of my drive home, but saw nothing further. a few caveats with this experience: - this was not my first time seeing almost this same exact scenario in almost the same location almost 3 years apart - nor is this my first time with an experience concerning a possible ufo - i would consider myself an amateur stargazer with a decent amount of knowledge concerning basic astronomy and constellation mapping - having work experience at an international airport for several years and being a veteran service member of the usaf, i know how an aircraft is resembled in day and night skies and i know how they should be flying yes, both of these experiences have been near the augusta regional airport (ags), and yes, i know there have been occasional training flights coming in from warner robbins afb. i can say without a doubt, this was not a conventional aircraft. the first sighting three years ago i had my doubts considering the location i was standing in when i first sighted the lights. originally, i was astounded, but started to have draw it up to a few possible solutions: a piloted drone, lights from more elevated locations in relation to my position, light from the several industrial plants in the area. given the direction, speed, and intensity of these lights, i cannot begin to even fathom what it could have been. one could say it was simply the fuselage light from a passing aircraft, but this would not explain the directional change or its sudden disappearance. or, someone could be flying extremely dangerously and illegally in a high traffic airspace. this latest experience took place in broad open sky. as stated previously, i unfortunately do not have picture/video for this most recent sighting. however, i have attached a digital video recording of the first sighting i had on 10feb2015 (almost exactly three years to date). i had caught the very tail end of this one (after the directional change), but you can clearly saw the left most lights going out before the last one drops off. only the first 20 or so seconds of the video contain any of the content.(caution: slight inappropriate language in beginning of film, apologies).

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Credit: MUFON

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