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Monday, January 1, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Shoreview, Minnesota on 2018-01-01 02:10:00 - At 2:10am on 1/1/2018 i witnessed a peculiar light( cluster of 3 white lights and intermittent red light)from an east facing window in my home. i had my 29 y.O.Son watch it with me. we observed for 1/2 hr. hovering,bobbing,zooming, wht./red light.

At 2:10am on 1/12018 i finally decided to get out of bed in frustration over not being able to fall asleep. ( i had never suffered from even one night of insomnia, but that was what i was experiencing.) as soon as i swung my legs over the edge of the bed, i looked out my east facing window and observed from my home in shoreview, mn, usa a "light" or cluster of (3 white lights very close together) moving in a very peculiar manner. at the onset of my 1/2 hour viewing time, a red glow or light, shown from this object and from then on the red light was irregularly, intermittent. the object was far away and resembled a "star" only much larger, first positioned at about 20 degrees above the horizon. it wobbled, hovered, it slowly moved from north to south and seemed to decrease in altitude and then increase in altitude slowly, but very noticeably. from my viewing position, the object was located between two large pine trees so i had a suitable "frame of reference" for movement. after observing this with my 29 year old son, we witnessed the object suddenly"zoom"---- "teleport"haha!, approximately 10 degrees south of where it had been. it continued to display the hovering, wobbling----almost circular motions. it continuously climbed in the sky and at about 25 degrees, it shot a beam of white light to the south of it which reflected as an arc of light on what i assume were the clouds around it. about 5 minutes after that it shot a beam of light straight down and slightly to the north of it and a few seconds after that another beam in the same path. it continued the "hovering" and ascension to about 30 degrees when we decided to stop watching. i am hoping that others saw this phenomena also! i am interested in "rational" explanations of what i witnessed. i just have never seen typical aircraft behave this way. personally, i am amazed by what my son and i witnessed!!! i regret not having tried to video the event.

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Credit: MUFON

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