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Friday, January 26, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio on 2018-01-03 05:35:00 - Black triangle with three yellow lights leaving contrail. two additional triangle light patterns shown in photo.

I live in cincinnati, and on jan. 3, 2018, at about 5:40 a.M. or so, i went outside to start my car and get ready to head to work. the sky was crystal clear and the moon was nearly full and about as bright as it can be. i looked up at it and noticed that there was a nice contrail growing in the sky, just past the moon. it stood out as almost glowing because of the moon, and it was very wide as compared to most visible contrails. i followed the contrail to the right to see if i could make out what was making it. i then noticed that leading the contrail was a perfect triangle, blacker than the sky, with an amber / yellow constant light on the each corner. i watched for a few seconds then decided to take a photo of it. it was minus zero, so by the time i threw my gloves off and dug my phone out, i really only got one shot. i didn’t hear any typical jet noises, but my impression was that the object was a lot lower than a typical jet leaving contrails, because the amber lights were so clearly noticeable. later i got to work and looked at the photo and all i really saw on my phone was a blurry shot of the moon and another bright spot which i assume is venus. but, i sent the photo to my work computer, and opened it up on my large screen. if you look to the right of the blurry moon, you will see the contrail. follow the contrail to its origin, and you see a three pointed blurry image. very disappointing. however, if you zoom in a little, and follow the contrail back about half ways, you will see two distinct triangle pattern of lights, which appear to be following the lead object.I was not aware of these additional object when i was observing it in real time. as i stated, i didn’t hear any noises at all, and i was not aware of the two smaller light patterns following the main triangle. the contrail was just lit up so bright by the moon behind it, that is what caught my attention initially. it was so wide, that i wanted to see what was making it. the contrail seemed to be one single wide element, and i wanted to see what would make it. the craft was completely black, and stood out against the dark night sky. the yellowish light on each corner was fairly large compared to the size of the triangle, and was inset a little on each corner, it was not incorporated into the corner itself, it appeared that they were attached to the bottom. there were no red or green blinking navigation lights. the craft was about half the diameter of the moon, and appeared about the same size as you would view a low flying cessna plane. based upon the visiblity of the outline of the triangle and the apperance of the lights, i would say that the craft was either very large, or fairly low, but i have never seen a low aircraft make a contrail. i believe that the general direction of travel for the objects were south to north or a little more southeast to northwest. maybe i caught something heading back to wright-patt afb in dayton? i will attach the photo. the triangle is blurry, but the two other triangle light formations are pretty clear.

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Credit: MUFON

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