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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Greenwater, Washington on 2018-01-16 00:00:00 - Filmed a music video in near mt.Rainier only to later discover massive ufo traffic in the footage

While filming a music video near mt. rainier national park i unknowingly filmed 50+ ufos traveling overhead. the objects seemed to be timed with the music in my headphones which leads me to believe that they were actually flying overhead with the sole intention of being in the video. at the time of the events i was blissfully unaware that anything had taken place only to later discover in the footage that i had filmed an unsettling amount of traffic. it was lightly snowing throughout the day which gives the benefit of the doubt that they may be snowflakes. that being said it was not windy and the objects were traveling at an alarming rate. despite how the video may appear i was not alone on top of the ridgeline, however i dont believe anyone noticed because of the incredible speed. to further my point about them complying with my music video, i have included an image that shows one object literally splitting a light on the end of my hair. the object was seemingly aware of the camera position, as the line up and timing would be literally impossible otherwise. the compiled footage that i have is truly the most substantial abundance of ufos that i have ever seen. when i first reviewed the footage i was so taken back that i nearly threw up. because of the nature of the song i was filming and reviewing the footage, it has led me to believe that this may actually be intellegant water. i know that sounds outlandish but i have also included a clip that shows a snowflake hit directly in my back, and then a water object seemingly shoot from my face towards the camera lens. i have only included select footage, as i have mentioned, there were literally over 50 to 100. it was so busy that i actually had to edit ufos out of my video. thats craziness. who would edit out ufos. here is a link you can copy paste to my completed video. in almost every clip you can find objects. the most obvious to the naked eye is at 1:55. you can see how they coordinate with my motions. not featured in the video is a break neck turn made by one of the objects. all of the footage is unbelievable. i should note that they did not make a sound. also by the lake when i appear to be looking at them, i was actually looking at a mountain peak, basically not sure what kind of action i should have been doing.

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Credit: MUFON

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