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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Gadsden, Alabama on 1969-06-15 15:45:00 - Triangler shape . domed top. underside black with triangle shaped circles. windows. panels inside windows

I was at my mom and dad's home. i looked at a strange ball of light in the place where i thought venus would be in the sky. i loved to star gaze. so it was in the evening hours just before dark. the object was a huge bright object. i ran and got my nephew and big brother and we all observed it. the one object slit into 4 objects one went in each direction. the mother ship as i call it shot straight up in 2 seconds it was gone. the one that came towards us descended down until it leveled off it seemed just a little more than tree top height. i was very young about 12 year old. but i remember seeing the object as i was up close. it was triangle shaped with the top being a little domed shaped. it had no sharp edges. the area where the lights were, were flat panels. one panel will light then move to the next until it made a full circle around the ship. when the light in one panel would go out i could see a metallic panel through the glass. the craft flew until it stopped over the northeast sky and sat for a couple of hours. at this time my brother called the radio station and reported it. they said it had been reported and a jet was in route. we heard and seen the jet. when the jet got close to the object it shot straight up and was gone in seconds. the dates i gave may not be completely right because i am 60 now it's hard to remember exactly the dates but the images of the ship are burned in my memory. i could tell an artist the full description. the underside was circles of triangler shaped circles that had 7 circles until they reached the middle. it was kinda burnt looking maybe the propulsion area. the object did not make a sound as it flew over. unfortunately we didn't have a camera. we couldn't afford one back then.

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Credit: MUFON

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