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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Stevenage, England on 2012-05-01 01:00:00 - This is not a ufo encounter. it is a alien encounter or something. i just do not know.

Hello. one night i got in bed turned the light off, so it was dark. i put my head on the piller and blinked two or three times, ready to fall asleep. on the last blink i opened my eyes and there was what looked like a tall man standing half way down my bed looking straight at me. i thought that if i ever saw a ghost i would literally shit my pants, but i was not worried at all. the man looked tall. black suit, black tie. white shirt. i could not make out his face, although he did have a light coloured shaped face. his head looked like, to me a sixty year old with a teddy boy hair cut going a bit bald on top at the front. that he had been having the same hair cut since his youth. after opening my eyes an seeing this man standing there, i quickly closed them again and opened them just as quick. i do not know why i opened my eyes straight away but as i did the man bent forward an held his arms out as if to grab me. i just closed my eyes again. next thing knew i opened them to see it was morning and light out. but it only felt like two to three seconds had past. the memory was as fresh in my mind as if only two to three seconds had actually pasted. i did not know who to turn to, as this an other incidents before an after this one has been playing on my mind. it was not a dream, i know that. can you offer any explination on what i saw that night?. if you wish to know more of my encounters, there is one more black suit incident. please let me know. if there is something strange going to happen, it always happens to me. thank you ian radford

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Credit: MUFON

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