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Friday, January 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Concord, Vermont on 2017-08-02 13:59:00 - Doing yard work on my property, while dragging dead tree limbs into a "brushy" area i heard soft "peeping" sounds coming from this area. i have never heard these sounds before and know most of the birds and animals sounds that live here.

This event took place on august 2, 2017 on my property.As noted on my brief description above, this was how my day started. i started to do some mowing with my motorized walk behind mower.My husband uses our farm tractor to do the larger fields and across the river that runs through our property. i noted a "coywolf" across the river where my husband was mowing and went down to catch his attention so he could observe this "coywolf" too. he saw me and i yelled across the river to tell him what i had seen. after that i headed up to the upper pasture to do my mowing.As i reached the top and headed for my mower, something "caught my eye" on the pasture below and to the right...Again this is where all the taller shubbery is ( we call it japanese bamboo ). my mind is always "in tune" to try and figure out what animal is that? i saw that this figure was greyish white and fairly small.At first i thought i was seeing a canadian lynx. this was not an animal...It saw me watching and it seemed to arch its back, turned its head to watch me and the ran in a "hobbly bouncy" gait... i don't know why i did not run to get my camera( that's not like me at all!) i went back to my mowing and sometime later,i heard ( only in my head!!) "she does all the mowing". later in the night while in our office which is on the lower level of our house i heard in my head again, "this is where she always sits"!! this is true our computers are here and i am very often on the computer. i moved across the office to our 6 ft. slider to look outside and heard something move on the small stones we have as a natural walkway.We also have a security system and both my husband and a i were wondering, after the fact, why didn't we turn the system back and see if any images were captured that night. the next day, i went back down to the pasture where i had seen this being and noticed the shrubbery close to where he had been was bent down ( probably now about 1-2 feet tall. the area itself was probably 10 feet by 12 feet. i should also note, that same day while mowing i looked up at the sky and among the clouds was a huge shape that had the appearance of a cloud but was smoother and looked like a huge craft of some kind.Lastly the night before all of this when riding home late at night i saw 2 very bright lights in the sky ahead of us that were flying together and the suddenly separated with one flying left and the other to the right. i have to say i wasn't afraid of all of this but very interested and curious

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Credit: MUFON

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