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Saturday, January 13, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Cardiff, on 1991-07-15 00:00:00 - Black triangle with 3 lights silently passed overhead. similar to corine saebels. 1hour unaccounted for.

Finished work and was going to a private party at a nearby public house. a friend was asked to go to his shared house by his landlord to pick up a box of wine. i offered to go with him. i was looking at the crossword when my friend said something like: "what is that light in the sky?" i said"probably a plane." my friend said "that's not a plane." without looking up, i said "probably a helicopter, then." my friend said "that don't look like a helicopter." at this point i looked out and asked my friend what exactly he was looking at. he pointed towards the sky (to his right) and said "that!" we were approaching a roundabout and the car stopped. we both got out of the car. another car was stopped on opposite side of roundabout. the craft passed overhead silently. it disappeared behind some trees. i remember looking at the man on opposite side of roundabout and shrugged as if to say, wtf. the man shrugged. we got back in the car and went back to the public house. when we got back everyone was asking where we had been. the journey to the house was 15-20 mins, there and back but we had been gone for nearly 1 and a half hours. i thought the clocks had gone forward so adjusted my watch accordingly and was late for work the next day. the clocks had not gone forward yet my watch was an hour out. subsequently, i awoke one morning and my brother asked what time i got in the night before. i said that i hadn't gone out and had gone to bed early at about 10pm. my brother said "you weren't in bed when i got home." as i sat up in bed, i felt a pulling of the hair on my chest. i looked down and there was a substance like wallpaper paste but much thicker. so thick that i had to shave the area to remove it. i also noticed a bald spot below my bellybutton and slightly to the right. to this day, no hair grows there and it is soft as a baby's bum. i have woken many times since with weird markings, series of dots in various places that i cannot explain, with the time on my android/tablet being out by an hour even though it is on auto config as dictated by the web. i have remained quiet about these experiences for fear of being ridiculed. i have lost touch with my friend who was driving that night but am sure he would give a similar account of that nights events. the craft was like a triangle but the one corner was slightly off. i have no pictorial evidence as cellphones were not as prevalent as they are today.

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Credit: MUFON

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