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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Kells, County Meath on 1977-08-15 00:00:00 - Several hrs of observation of strange lights, various shapes seen, with one very large triangular craft that flew directly overhead, myself & 2 sisters, leaving multicolured light trail.

Late evening, in backyard playing ball game with 2 sisters (a unique event, in retrospect). i am 17yrs, they are 3 & 5 yrs younger. one sister abruptly stopped playing and appeared startled looking to back of garden, my other sister then stopped and looked round to see and was also startled, i was ignoring them. they said they had seen a very large luminous disc floating behind a mature at bottom of garden, about 100ft away, before suddenly disappearing. i regretted ignoring them, they were scared and knew nothing about ufos while i had been a believer since 12yrs. i then went to look and noticed an exceptionally clear moonless night, which i usually would have been interested in. in a few minutes we started to see what appeared to be a major meteorite shower, with, in my experience, unique meteorite trajectories, including straight down and straight across the sky parallel to horizon. i arranged us in position to see 1/3rd each of the sky. i had a long standing interest in celestial objects as well as always keeping a look out for a ufo, but did not see anything before this night. there were red lights that would move slowly across sky and stop before disappearing, one that pulsed and one that seemed to zoom up closer to us before receding (as far as i can remember now). there were several other strange lights while the shower continued, dozens were seen by us. suddenly a very large object went over our heads, blotting out a large part of the sky, it was greyish/silver, shaped like an triangular arrowhead, completely silent. it left a trail of rainbow-like light behind. as it went over my sisters uttered a strange guttural scream and sprinted into the house, they would not come back out. i had opposite reaction; i was elated and stayed in position to see it fly into distance but blink-out before going beyond my ability to track it. i stayed out to continue watching and seen other strange lights, the most exceptional being a group of luminous objects, shaped quite like something organic, with a front head-like portion and wing-like portions, that flew in a formation, maybe 5-9 objects. i also saw something that looked like a star exploding. when there was a protracted inactivity i went indoors. it was a strange night because my parents were still awake and sitting up in bed with my sisters talking. there was something which confused me, to this day, which was when i checked the time that it seemed impossibly early. i would like to know about this if someone could help, i have heard of time loss phenomenon but not time gain (if that is what i was experiencing)?

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Credit: MUFON

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