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Monday, January 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in San Jose, California on 2017-11-08 00:00:00 - 8 foot diameter object? field? portal? stationary on highway

san jose, california about 11am nov 8, driving on hwy 280 westbound between hwy 17 and saratoga exit. i saw a large object or field or portal in the middle of the left lane which i couldn't visually focus on. shaped like an onion, slightly wider than tall, very slightly pointed at the top, about the width of a car so 8-10 feet in diameter, perfectly radially symmetric. mostly opaque black or very dark brown, but the outer 1 foot from the edge was gradually transparent. it was so featureless that it was impossible for me to focus my eyes on it, like it didn't have a solid surface. it was in the left lane and i was in the second to the left lane and drove right past it, and still couldn't recognize it because it was so difficult to focus on. there was only one other car on the highway about 50 yards ahead of me in another lane which i assume avoided colliding with it, but other than that, this section of the highway was empty. it's normally pretty busy this time of day, but not packed, so this was only a little unusual. when i first saw it i thought it was a large roll of wire fencing viewed from one end, because the outer edges were transparent. but as i drove past it, it was clearly not cylindrical, but onion shaped. its position remained stable, it didn't move. i was driving at about 70mph so had to keep looking ahead to remain in my lane, but kept looking at it repeatedly to try to identify it. it was completely puzzling the way my eyes couldn't focus on it. i kept trying to assign an identity to it but couldn't, it's not a roll of fencing because it's not cylindrical, it's not a huge trash bag because there's no solid surface. it looked like a field, which didn't make a lot of sense, but that's what it looked like. the center of the field was a consistent color, a very dark brownish black, like rich soil (it didn't look like soil, but that's the color) with very slight variation. not pure color, but with a slight variation. after being unable to identify it, i thought maybe it's a cloaked object, some kind of visual distortion field. it's hard to describe how difficult it was to focus on. for example, are you familiar with random dot stereograms? google it and find one. sometimes while trying to focus on one (which involves crossing your eyes to produce an overlapping image) you'll almost have it, but not quite. it was like that, like my eyes weren't able to see the same thing, but each eye was seeing something slightly different. it almost looked like a hole. as i drove past it, it seemed that the central color changed the way a background changes when you view it through a doorway, moving at a different rate than the doorway as you walk past it. what i mean is, touch your index finger to your thumb forming a hole, and hold it a foot from your face so you can see through it. now move your head slightly to the side...Your hand and whatever you see through your fingers both move visually, but at a different rate. it was like that, as though it was a hole with a hollow space beyond it, which contained a very dark brown slightly textured surface. that's the closest description that makes sense to me, but even then as i said it was difficult to focus on clearly. i called 911 to report it while still driving. an operator, a woman, answered and i said "there's a large...Thing...I can't tell what it is, on hwy 280 just east of saratoga." the operator forwarded me to a second person, a man, to whom i gave the same description. he said "like a big bean bag?" and i said "yes!" because that's the shape it was. i said "yeah but i couldn't tell what it was. what is it?" he said other people had reported it but they didn't know what it was yet. he asked for my name, which i gave, and spelled out for him, but he initially thought my last name was my first name. that seemed odd because surely they have caller id and would be able to see my name linked to my phone number. i concluded the call. i considered going back but i was late to work anyway and figured well, it must have been something, obviously, and whatever it is they'll haul it away. but in the following minutes after i arrived at work, and in the following hours as i thought it over in my mind, i realised that my memory of it was consistent. it really had appeared to be a non solid field without a surface, and looked like either a visual distortion field around a cloaked object, or a hole in space. i checked sigalert.Com which lists traffic accidents and object on the highways, but there was no mention of it. it was quite large and if it had been some giant bag of trash, or a ball of junk, they would have had to block off the highway to remove it. if it had been solid, it would have taken some effort to remove it from the road. so whatever it was, it wasn't permanent or it would have caused a huge traffic jam while a road crew removed it. based on that, it must have appeared and disappeared shortly thereafter. that evening i posted on reddit in a local subreddit about it, in case anyone else had seen it, but nobody had. i don't have a photo, but it happened on this section of highway close to this location:

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Credit: MUFON

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