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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Beverly Hills, California on 2017-11-11 23:20:00 - Was leaving work when i observed these strange lights in the sky.

Sighting occured at 11:20 pm, november 11th, 2017, veteran's day. the entire sighting lasted about 5 minutes. i was leaving work (in beverly hills, ca) and was walking down an alley toward's my car when i saw three glowing red "orbs" in a triangle formation just hovering out of nowhere. they hovered and moved about slightly in complete silence. their movement was very strange, very smooth...They reminded me of the way a marionette moves for some reason... then they disappeared (almost as if camouflaging or "cloaking") one by one to my utter shock. at first, i thought they might be drones, however, they seemed larger than any drone i've ever seen (approx. car sized accounting for distance). they did not have any strobing or other lighting like aircraft typically do. the weather was somewhat foggy and i couldn't quite make out their shape. one of the red lights reappeared, momentarily, for a minute or so and then disappeared just as quickly.

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Credit: MUFON

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