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Thursday, January 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Momence, Illinois on 2018-01-06 05:12:00 - My sister is up with me in the morning, she happened to look out windowsaw light, and took pictures . she’s never told me right away, it scares her, she’s handicapped and she’s showed me her pictures more recently, so i am sending these photos.

I have recently moved in with my handicapped sister, while the house i purchased for us is being remodeled. she likes to take nature pictures, and she has an iphone 7. she started taking pictures at night during a meter shower, and i noticed a few funny things. soon, she was taking pictures at night very often, and she likes to show them to me. the more she took pictures the more “stuff” i saw in the pictures. lots of orbs, different colors, and one night what i think of as a drone(?). anyway, i had started to look at the sky myself to see where she is getting all this, and i see what looks like stars that flash blue, red, green, and they move, i would take a picture of something moving that looked like a drone but the picture would just look like an orb. i moved in here in september and more and more seemed to be happening as time went by. i get up for work at 0400 and she usually gets up as well, and occasionally she would go out at that time to take pictures, however, this day she was in the house, noticed the light and just began taking a series of pics as she walked to the front window.(it seems that way with the pics as they move a little closer in each time. this scared her, and she told me nothing about it for a few days which would be her usual, and then just showed me the pictures, didn’t really want to talk about it. she is agreeable that i send these pictures to u. she would like some one to verify what it could be. this happened january 6,@0511. we would appreciate knowing what it is we are looking at in these pictures if at all possible. i realize i’m some other pictures she has the zoom crazy and it’s pretty distorted. thank you for your time!

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Credit: MUFON

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