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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Aydın, Aydın Province on 2018-01-25 19:25:00 - An early night with plenty of stars and 2 aircraft flying. 2 bright lights in formation headed towards the south and slowly vanished. high altitude, not man made because i had aircraft in the sky as a reference. high rate of speed for altitude no beacons.

I am an english teacher in turkey aydin and i was headed to a students house when i noticed how clear the stars were in the sky. and i noticed something which i had also noticed in the u.K. a few years back. there was a bright moon and in the distance on the horizon were two airliners and the way i know this is because aircraft have a green strobe light on the right wing and a red strobe light on the left wing i could make out the red and they were headed towards the left of the horizon which is the normal colour to see. conventional aircraft also have a strobe light which is used to warn other aircraft of their presence. so i have a little bit of history recognizing aircraft. the two white lights which could easily be mistaken as bright stars were at a high altitude with no strobes. they could easily be confused with the iss too if it here had been only one however two bright lights similar to the brightest stars moved together. the right slightly infront and the left slightly behind at their altitude i would estimate around 100 - 150 meters between them both and the distance remained unchanged throughout my observation which suggested that the objects traveled at the same speeds. in formation. i first noticed them because when i looked up as i was walking and i felt slightly dizzy because the points of light were heading in a direction unlike the stars remaining in a fixed position. they headed towards the right of the moon away from my position and besides me my student watched and speculated also noticing the aircraft and their strobe lights in the distance. we compared them and the left light started to dim until it had completely faded then the right followed suit exactly the same. i have observed a similar event but the light was lower and it was early morning in the u.K. newcastle upon tyne when i noticed a single light high but not as high travel from west to east a few years back. it had no trail like a conventional aircraft. i believe these things exist but it terrifies me as well. i think maybe it's the not knowing that is scary. i wanted to share this sighting so i never forget it in detail. thanks for allowing me to share on this platform.

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Credit: MUFON

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