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Thursday, January 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Between Cambria & Paso Ro, California on 2017-12-27 20:40:00 - Two winglike craft (horizontal bar w/blinking lights; no visible structure except wingspan bigger than jumbo jet) hovered stationary in sky despite high winds, facing me and pacific ocean to west, keeping equal distance apart.

Note: i saw same craft on two nights. date of first sighting: 12/27/2017 number of ufos: 2 location: california, hwy 46, central coast/san luis obispo county coordinates (see attached map): i was driving eastward from from coast hwy 1/hwy 46 junction in cambria, ca, headed inland on hwy 46 toward hwy 101 junction in paso robles, ca. environmental conditions: rolling hills through wilderness, very dark night, occasional car passing in opposite direction, strong winds, clear skies. time/duration of sighting: 8:40 pm to 9:00 pm, pacific (20 mins.) location of sighting: see attached map. description: i was driving uphill, looked up, and noticed blinking lights above me about 70 degrees above horizon that at first i thought were an airliner. but then i noticed it was unusual and there were two: huge winged craft, one much higher and farther away; each like a single, thin horizontal bar, very slightly angled up toward the ends, with equally spaced lights (about 10) running entire length of bar, blinking randomly in various light colors; no structure visible (no underside, sides, or anything behind or above the bar of lights); lights were not bright like jet lights appear head-on, but more like “running lights”; no physical movements of craft itself; stationary in the sky, despite winds; craft always facing in one direction (westward); no side views of craft; always same shape no matter my angle to them; the two maintained exact distance from each other, a mile or more apart. i was surprised and curious but not fearful; thought “they're sightseeing”; sensed they could see my car lights on the dark road; wanted to pull over and observe but didn't think it safe to stop on remote, dark road, as i was alone, the wind was blowing, with only an occasional car passing in the opposite direction. size of ufos: larger than jumbo jet (which has 222-foot wingspan). altitude of ufos: closer craft, 3,500 feet? (similar to airliner altitude when flying over city before approaching airport). second craft much higher and maybe miles away. end of sighting: nearing hwy 46/hwy 101 junction in paso robles, i realized they had almost imperceptibly drifted farther westward and, when i turned northward toward paso robles, i left them behind. date of second sighting: 1/2/2018 observed same craft this night; same basic coordinates as reported above, except i saw two of them above pacific shoreline to my left as i traveled north on hwy 1 approaching hwy 1/hwy 46 junction. one was closer and at lower altitude (maybe 1,000 feet?). always seemingly facing me (front view, never side view of bar of lights). on hwy 46 headed east, i observed multiple, identical craft all over the sky, facing west, at vastly different altitudes and distances. on first glance one might think they're distant stars, but on closer look you see they're uniform horizontal bars of lights, hovering. i thought, even if they were some military or experimental aircraft or glider, no way would there be this many gathered in the sky at once! number of ufos: 40 or 50? time/duration of sighting: 6:45 pm to 7:15 pm, pacific (30 mins.)

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Credit: MUFON

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