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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Shotton, Wales on 2014-09-02 20:10:00 - While talking to my sister on the phone i was watching the iss live feed on my laptop.I noticed 2 small marks on the screen which i first thought were just marks but then realised they were actually objects in the distance which got closer to the iss.

I had just got a new mobile phone and was talking to my sister one evening while watching a live feed of the iss. at the time it was passing over the earth in daylight and as i watched i thought i noticed 2 marks on my screen and actually tried to wipe them off. i then realised they were actual small objects which were not always easy to see in the light. however when the iss went into darkness i could see a oblong/cylinder object a long way off in the distance. although it looked small i decided to try film it on my phone not sure if it would pick it up. i only filmed it briefly however you can actually make it out in the distance. i carried on my conversation and kept an eye on the screen and noticed that 2 objects seem to be very slowly rising up towards the iss. one was the cylinder the other a sphere. it went on like this for a while when suddenly the sphere started moving quickly towards the iss. i was so surprised i panicked told my sister i would phone her back and tried to film it but in my rush and not being use to the phone i managed to turn the flash on at the same time! so what looks like the sun is actually the flash on my camera however you can still see clearly the sphere at the end of the arm of the iss. i was not sure if my flash would wash out the sphere on screen so decided to try and turn it off. however by the time i had done so the sphere had already quickly left i could still make out the cylinder so decided if it got closer i would be ready. whoever was in charge of pressing the button for the blue screen must have been on their break because i filmed it for almost 6 minutes dont think i've seen one that lasts that long! in that time it definately moves closer to the iss and to me it looks like it has some kind of pulsing light running down the length of it. afterwards i decided to go online to see if anyone had caught anything like it and discovered a video on youtube titled iss-possible alien craft downloaded by streetcap1 in 2014 to me it looks like the same object. in some of the comments under his video someone says its just a atmoshere reading climate device tethered to the iss while another says its solar panel adhesive tape! however the fact that i caught this object earlier a long way off in the distance puts an end to those ideas. it is clearly not just light reflections so i would like to know what else it could possibly be? if these are crafts i've never seen any like them. sorry for the short jerky videos i must say they looked better on my phone. thanks for your time. regards clive moorhouse

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Credit: MUFON

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