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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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UFO Landing in Lynnwood, Washington on 1969-11-28 00:00:00 - 3-4 ft. tall on gulf gas station 4 people like working on deck

I have seen 3 ufo's best one on roof of gas station gulf in about 1969 i wached it about 20 minutes 3 people in white jump sutes 1 in blue jump sute it was a sauser with kinda a dome they were about 3-4 feet tall before i left i waved one waved back well kinda a wave than left to my surprise about 2 hours had passed about 11 pm i left about 11:30 pm went home about a year or so later i saw another across the street at mc calester motor cycle shop going in to woods then out of site when i was a kid about 5 years old i was at my grandmas when out of nowhere a young man/boy was there we talked he was my friend he had long golden hair little larger eyes nice looking the only thing i remember [ putat-lenna-thomea-cyci ] i remember telling my grandma she said that was crazy talk at times at night i had people in my bedroom don't know what they were doing also one time there was a nice looking young girl on top of me i liked that all i could see of her was her head ling golden hair little larger eyes we may have had sex not sure about a year or 2 later i was on a ship i think i saw a little girl it was like i knew her then it was gone my kid i guess when i was about 10 years old we had a woods by our house i would play in woods all day i would raise my arms i would raise in the air i would go from tree to tree it was fun never thought much about i thought every one could do that. i could heel kids i had hot hands i would rub them & they would be well most all that is gone i can still heel people my wife would work out to much i would rub her legs she would be well in 20 minutes pain would be gone last time i done that was about 2 years ago

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Credit: MUFON

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