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Monday, January 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in June Lake, California on 1979-09-18 00:00:00 - Two apparent discs in formation. est. 3-400 mph. no discernable flight surfaces, no sounds at all. objects over owens valley, ca.. no nav. lights observed.

I was hiking up the side of a small mountain behind gull lake in the june lake loop area of the eastern calif. high sierra mts. i am former air force, and very familiar with flight dynamics and frequent military flights over nearby owens valley from edwards and other regional air bases. i've never officially recorded this event that occurred in the fall of 1979, but decided it is about time to do so. in the late afternoon with the sun setting behind the mts. at my back, i was enjoying the view on a rock outcropping, looking east over gull and june lakes and to the owens valley beyond. i caught movement in the clear sky to the left of my vision (north) and suddenly observed what i assumed were two military jets in formation flying from north to south just past the lakes and at the western side of the north/south valley. the objects i say were apparently above 500 feet over ground and estimate their speed between 300-400 mph. as i watched them, became immediately aware they had no observable flight surfaces (no wings or rear empennage). they transited from my left 9 o'clock position to roughly my 2 o'clock, disappearing behind a mt. ridge after an approximate 20-40 seconds of view. it was an extremely quiet late afternoon. i detected no sounds whatsoever from the objects. any and all aircraft i'd seen is similiar flight paths over the valley were easily heard, jet noise echoing off the mts. surrounding june lake. very puzzling sighting. the two objects exhibited no existing aircraft designs of which i was aware.

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Credit: MUFON

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