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Saturday, January 13, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Nashville, Tennessee on 2016-08-11 19:45:00 - I noticed a bright object in the nw sky at 7:45 p.M. the ufo first pulsated, then was motionless for about 10 minutes before it broke apart into smaller objects and then vanished.

While doing yard work i noticed a bright object in the nw sky at about 80 degrees. i went to a neighbors house to get additional witnesses. myself and two other people viewed the object through binoculars, i was also able to view the object through my telescope along with another person. the object is sphere shaped and appears to both reflect and emit light. i can't say with any confidence the size or altitude of the object but it did appear to be rather high. as i was viewing the object through a telescope the two other witnesses were taking turns viewing it through binoculars. we noticed that it was moving in a small circle and at the same times a portion of the object was pulsating rapidly like a strobe light and at the center of it was a black hole. after about five minutes the pulsating stopped as well as the object. i had a good view of it through my telescope, crystal clear and close, it was amazing to look at. the sphere was perfectly smooth and had a bluish white glow to it. it reminded me of the glow from an incandescent light bulb. we were talking about how strange it is and wondering what it could be. one of the neighbors viewed through my telescope and said "i don't know what to think of that, it does not look like anything from this world that i have ever seen." after about ten minutes of the object remaining motionless it started breaking up into smaller parts starting at the lower section of the sphere and moving up.It formed four separate "arms" made up of smaller parts that arched up and around the sphere and met into a point above it, and then it was gone. it was hard to believe what i had just seen. i think about it often. this is an unusual event on it's own. but, what makes it even more unusual and unique is that it's not the only time i have seen it. i have seen the object multiple times at the same location, around the same time of the evening, and the same time of the year over the past several years. it's definitely strange and one of the most amazing things that i have ever seen.I have had other impressive sightings of the object and have recorded them in a journal. i just chose one sighting that i consider to be one of the best.

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Credit: MUFON

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