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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in New Orleans, Louisiana on 1972-05-31 23:20:00 - Triangle shaped craft seen back in 1972

i don’t recall what month it was but it was during the summer of 1972. i was then working for gulf oil company at the alliance refinery, just south of belle chasse la. we were working the evening shift (3pm-11pm). a friend and i were riding together, he lived in port sulphur and i lived in buras. when we got off that night we head towards home going south on hwy 23. just after getting on the road, we noticed a bright light to the west of us that look to be out over the marsh. at first, we thought it was a helicopter from nearby alvin callender air field. it would stop and them move again as if they were searching for something. the light then sped off in a southward direction at a high rate of speed. we did not see it again for a few miles then noticed it in the area of lake hermitage. it looked like it has stopped and then we noticed it moving again. we were close to the lake hermitage road so we pulled over to see what it was since it had started to move towards the mississippi river. my friend and i stepped out of the car and observed the object moving towards the river slowly. as it passed over what we saw was a metallic triangle shaped craft with 6 lights on the bottom. it wasn't shiny, but looked liked it was a light gray color. from what i recall it appeared to be about 1500’ feet above us and was not making any noise. it was pretty large but hard to estimate what size it was. when it reached about the middle of the river it suddenly sped off in and easterly direction and we lost sight of it. i can still see my friend looking up as it passed over and saying what the hell is that. when we returned to work the next evening we told our fellow co-workers about what we saw. they just kind of laughed about it and made fun. my friend and i talked about this several times over the years still trying to figure out just exactly what we had seen that night.

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Credit: MUFON

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