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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hershey, Nebraska on 1977-09-15 20:00:00 - Ufo was hovering with a beam coming down and then cased my car

I was traveling down a country road going to see my girl friend. as i was going down the road on the southside of the road i saw a craft hovering. at first i thought it was a helicopter, but as i got closer i could see that it was football shaped. the only lights was a white beam of light coming from the bottom. i could not see what they were doing with the beam. also it had like a eye shaped window in the center that was incedesent blue. it was like you could almost see into it but couldn't. i slowed down and almost stoped, but about this time they were finding cattle with their sex organs cut out. and i didn't want that done to me lol. i floored my car and the craft followed me parrell and matched my speed. i would speed up it would speed up i would slow down and it would slow down. as i got closer to a farm house it stopped and hovered and then went back to what it was doing. you could still see it from the porch of my girl friends house. i went into there house and tried to get them to come look but they would not. they thought i was crazy. so i didn't report it at the time. i figured no one would believe me. i still get goose bumps everytime i tell the story.

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Credit: MUFON

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