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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in New Westminster, British Columbia on 1975-07-06 00:00:00 - Observed one large ships then 3 similarbut smaller ships appeared and fly very quickly around the large ship.

A friend and i rode our motorcycles to meet another group of friends in a car at the surrey drive in theatre. the car was full of people so my friend and i sat out on our motorcycles to watch the movie all the time drinking and smoking and talking to the friends in the car. we where about half way through the movie when i saw the large ship appear over the fraser river just east and upstream of the pattullo bridge. green,yellow and red laser bright lights spun around the disc shaped craft in both directions. it would hover then ascend 100’s of feet straight up, hover for a bit then descend to a similar altitude as before. these altitude moves where made at light speeds as if you where pointing a flashlight in the sky and moving it back and forth. about a minute after the initial sighting, 3 smaller but similar craft appeared and danced around doing the same kind of maneuvers as the larger craft. this lasted for about 15 minutes and then they disappeared in the sky. because i was on my kawasaki watching the movie, i was one of the first to see the craft. i alerted my buddies in the car and others around me by pointing up to the craft. some car horns started to honk and pretty soon no one was watching the movie. some people where screaming and i saw quite a few cars leave the drive in. the next day i listened to all the news on tv and radio and the only report i could see was from our local new westminster radio station reporting that the mysterious lights seen where from experimental lighting on a helicopter. i know that no plane or helicopter can accelerate and stop that quickly and make no sound. in fact i believe nothing earthly can maneuver like that. 25 years later i would work with a woman at a new westminster mill and we got talking about ufo’s and i began telling her this story. her eyes got wide. she told me that she was there with her girlfriend and they where one of the cars that left the movie scared for their lives.

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Credit: MUFON

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