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Sunday, January 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Douglas, Alabama on 1976-03-31 00:00:00 - The ufo descended, hovered a few feet from me, and communicated telepathically.

This is a mundane account for a sighting, however; i believe that "they" communicated with me telepathically. the communication gives me hope for mankind. my aunt lived on a vast amount of land in a small cottage on the hill. everyday after school, weather permitting, i would walk miles down the hill with the dogs, singing, twirling, and enjoying. i was only 16 years of age, and one day while walking down the hill, i turned and glanced a white shining orb advancing my way. i took my glasses off, cleaned them, and looked again. trying to convince myself it was just a white glowing sun playing tricks on my eyes. i choose to ignore it and began walking down, then i looked again. it was a mere 3 ft. from me, across the street, and just about a foot over my head. i just had to tilt my head slightly to see it. it was a bright shining orb with no glare, it was easy for my eyes to look at it. looking at it in disbelief, it's as though "they" knew what i was thinking, at that instant, it turned as if on an axis, and just outside the lighted orb i saw some kind of metal silver rim, that was turning, then again only the orb. my mind was convinced it was real. then a question came into my mind, something like, "would you like to go to our planet, to come back and teach our ways back on earth. i did not have any fear, and my thoughts were too many people would worry about me, i can't go. then i thought what if it can't read my thoughts, so i ran up the hill and into the house. at the same speed of my pace the ufo came up the hill with me, it wasn't until a turned toward the house, it veered toward the opposite direction of the pasture. after looking out the window it was just outside, across the street, above the pasture. my aunt asked, "what did you see?" i told her, thinking she would tell me i was imagining things. she asked my to go to the porch with her to see if we could see it. we were holding hands, the sky was dimming into night, and we watched it together descend into the sky. it simply looked like a star that faded into the night. that week, some boys camping reported to our town paper, they had witnessed a ufo. my aunt took me for a hike through the pastures the next day, we walked forever with walking sticks. we didn't talk much at all, we came across a "clearing" if you will. it was huge, sunken pit, the tree line grew around this pit, very little vegetation inside the pit. i thought this could be where they land. my aunt told me she saw them all the time. her kids confirmed she had told them about the sightings, though they never saw them. i wonder sometimes if they chose me because at that time in my life, because i had an innocence and optimism about life. my experience left me with the assurance that this particular life form, is benevolent. i had no fear, and i do not believe i was abducted in anyway. since that time i have seen other ufo's near lake travis, in texas. my kids have witnessed them as well. one event is well documented in the news, orbs speeding down above lake travis. my son and i witnessed that one together.

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Credit: MUFON

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