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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Alien Encounter in Aston, Pennsylvania on 2017-08-24 04:30:00 - I did not go to my window after he 'dematerialized'--faded away at my bedside.

I keep a journal for any kind of paranormal event (which i have many). i am utilizing my notes that i wrote out in detail the following morning. i was in my bed (alone). i woke up around 4:30am and i was full of fear. i never woke up in fear before. never. i also woke up laying on my back. i don't sleep on my back. i always sleep on my side. i woke up feeling that there was someone in my apartment. i always double-check the lock's on the windows and doors before going to bed. i don't know how i knew something was here but i did. i also thought at the same time that i was spooking myself for no reason (i've had many other visitations from different entities) but this was different for some reason. i knew something was here. so i closed my eyes and i pretended to be asleep and refused to open my eyes unless i felt that i should. i heard something walk up to my bedroom door on the carpet. my floors are noisy. i believe the carpeting has wood floors underneath or something. so, it's at my door, my eyes are closed and i'm terrified (and curious at the same time). i can't help feeling that i do encourage them to come. i did not hear him (if your an abductee you just know if it's male or female) walk all the way around the bed to get to my bedside--from the door. the 'being' began to 'stroke' my left arm and left torso. so he knew i was awake (they know) even though i kept my mind 'clear' (they are all telepathic). i knew i must open my eyes and make contact. at the same time, i wanted to get a good look at him and meet him even though he kind of scared me on purpose but instinctively i knew he would not hurt me. if they wanted to hurt me they would of years ago. all of them. unless i go looking for trouble (like a national park, remote area, restricted areas)---then i give them a reason or excuse to harm me. there are differnt factions of them. in the end, it's all a negative agenda but there are good and bad beings just like humans. i looked at him and made eye contact but it was dark. i do keep my shade's cracked so there is light coming from a street light. but it was dark and he was dark and i could not make out detail except for his shape. he was about 6 foot, very boney, long boney thin arms and hands and fingers. we were face to face while i was laying down. because of the way i am (friendly-looking to make peace and relations) i rose my right arm and hand to shake his hand. he quickly grabbed my hand hard and pinched it and hurt it a little with what was his gesture. i quickly and telepathically told him 'no,please that hurts.' i have the courage to make contact and wanted to demonstrate that to him and myself. just my personal belief (in the old days we were taught to 'reach out'). i was willing to take the risk. he was not going to hurt as i stated before. i was told by a psychic friend of mine many times that i am protected. i never asked her to elaborte on that and exactly who was protecting me or what from. i like to believe jesus christ and god the father. i used to be into the new age movement and worked with powerful crystals that would open up all your chakras. i've worked with ph.D's and all kinds of gurus and healers and had the best psychic. i don't do that anymore as i evolved and learned that all of that is satanic and luciferian. in 2015, the veil of deception was lifted about everything in the world and i grasped the bible in the best and right way. i am now a born again/saved christian but i have not been baptised into a church yet. i've been to a church many times. taken their wonderful classes but i can't seem to reach them. i'm also afraid of 'infilation' at the churches. these 'interdimensional beings' 'et's' 'entities' whatever you want to call them or think they are--they are fallen angels and demonic beings under lucifer. thats not just my opinion. you ask anyone whose dealt wiith them in government and they came to the same solution a long time ago. i did see a quick glimpe of his hand when i shook it. his hand was very cold, and boney. the tip's of his fingers were just like 'claws'. thats why he was able to pinch me like he did. they do stuff like that. they all do. there was no real conversation at all. he bent over me, after shaking my hand, and was very close. like you mom would bend over to tuck you in and kiss you. he just looked right through me. what i take from the visit is: he was just making himself known. letting me know he's watching me; he know's that i know (i know alot) and i'm being monitored (i know that) by everyone. my cell and landlines are both tapped. i hear them beep in and out at times. according to my notes, from his arrival to his departure, he was here for about an hour. it did not seem like that. i only seemed about 5 to 10 minutes. i kind of prompted him to leave. he knew i had to get out of bed to pee. i pee a lot in the middle of the night. up to 4 times a night then i go back to sleep. so, he was in my way to get out of bed. he stood at my bedside. so, he 'dematerialized' or 'faded away' like a thck cloud of smoke. he went back to the other dimension. these beings can be around you at all times and you don't even know it. they can be invisible too--to the human eye. i've had an invisible encounter (an out-of-body) abduction. they pulled my astral body out of my physical body. i do astral travel sometimes on my own. i've also had visitation here in aston (3) times from 'the hat man'--he even got into my astral projection 'dream' before he busted into my apartment. that's a whole other serious story. also, when i lived in claymont, delaware i had several visitations from the grey's. one particular was a 7 foot grey kneeling beside my bed at 4am. he was glowing like fluorescnet light. he was a bright white light, with a deep blue color surrounding the outline of his body while the deep blue faded into bright white light in the middle of his body. his head was big and round just like a basketball but 'bigger'! again, i woke up or (he let me wake up) i was laying on my back. i raised my head to watch him. he hada cylinder of light coming from where his mouth would be to my penis. he was taking sperm. right through the quilt as well. the quilt was still on top of me. i knew not to interrupt him and i watched him for about 6 seconds and then i lowered my head and quickly went back to sleep. that also is in my journal. since 2011, my 2010 flatscreen samsung has turned on by itself at least 24 times. i also had an air conditioner turn on by itself and went down to 32 degrees on the setting (they can only go down to 66 or so). it broke and i got another one. one another occasion, i went to the barbershop to get my haircut. i got out of my car and locked it with the electronic key. i got my haircut, went back to my car, unlocked the door and could not get into my car. the electronic chair was all the way up against the steering wheel. i could not sit down. i even had troube reaching into the ignition to start the car so that i could move the electric seat. you need 'power' or 'juice' to move that chair!!! the car has to be on or you have to have a key in the ignition turned to the 'on' postiton. i told my friend about it and his reply was, 'boy, they're real pranksters.' i have dozens of similar stories. oh, the 7 foot grey that came in claymont in june of 2013---i felt the urge the night before to look out my bedroom window and i looked at this tower of red lights. some kind of tower noone pays attention to. i looked at the top of the tower. that red light was bigger than the rest. it began to move; it moved across the sky and kept going. that was my first 'physical' ufo sighting. i've seen ufo's all the time in the astral plane when i'm out of my body. they are vivid and colorful with lights. i also saw a big black triangular ufo in the astral plane and my instint was to drop to my knees and put my arms up. i don't know why. tv's; flatscreens are smart technology (fallen angel technology). i first learned about cameras in tv's in 2007. a friend of mine told me even back then they had cameras watching people. probably microphones too. so, with the tv turning on, that could be done remotely by nsa or cia. but et's do it too. finally, one time i was cooking in claymont. i had another new car sitting outside my window. i was cooking a big pot of chili or something.I would always bang the big spoon on the pot to get the residue off. one time i banged '3-time's' on the end of the stock pot, and at that exact time my car's horn, parking light's, and head lights flickered and sounded (3 times). you can't make this stuff up, right?

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Credit: MUFON

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