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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Titusville, Florida on 2018-01-21 19:15:00 - Green glowing light hovering over titusville by the river. several days after space x launch.

My fiance and i were sitting in our car port area while he was smoking a cigarette. i caught a glimpse of a super bright star like object. and then i noticed that this light was actually pulsating colors and looked to be glowing green. i thought oh it must be a airplane or helicopter. as i said this, a plane came across the sky and subsequently flew over my home. i noted the lights were not the same colors and it didn't take it long to cross the sky, while this object was pretty much stationary. i voiced my concern to my fiance. who also noted this. as i stared at the object longer i realized it was pretty much in a stable area of the sky. the clouds were sporadic but i could see a green glowing aura type area around the central light that was flickering the yellow/orange/and extremely bright white color. the white reminded me of how light would reflect off of a mirror and was shockingly bright. the way the lights were flickering it made it look like it was actually trying to communicate. i then tried to think of what else it could possibly be. i brainstormed and thought perhaps it's a helicopter. we have those fly over on occasion. unfortunately that explanation falls short since i could not hear it and it barely moved in the time frame that i was outside (over 15 mins). i didn't want to make any snap conclusions. so i thought perhaps it may be the iss going across the sky. so basically i settled on that being the most logical explanation and went inside. later i looked online and realized the iss doesn't have any lights. now my heart dropped and i thought omg what did i actually see then! i also looked up planets visible in my area and found that most were difficult to see that night. possibly due to the sporadic cloud cover. but that cloud cover is what made the glowing green aura so much more prevalent. the object did look like it was moving at times. only other thing i can logically think it might be is a satellite passing by but i'm still not satisfied as that being an answer to "what was this". several days prior to this space x launched and there were reports of a ufo spotted by the river that night as well. i didn't make the connection until i looked up any ufo sightings in my area. and saw one from the night of the launch with the same color scheme of lights that i saw. i also noted that night that there was an unusual amount of dogs barking in the area for no logical reason. and noticed my animals acting a bit off that night like they were cautiously curious but semi spooked.

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Credit: MUFON

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