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Sunday, January 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Long Beach, Mississippi on 2013-03-10 00:00:00 - The ufo was observed hovering above the beach area south of highway 90

I was driving eastbound on highway 90 headed to an afternoon event. disney on ice. when i observed this craft hovering less than 100 yards south of the seawall at an observed altitude of less than 500 feet. the day was overcast, and the cloud cover was low less than 1500 feet. looking south east, just below the clouds, i spotted this large object,off towards the beach, a dark metallic black grey aerial vehicle, reasonably large, having a shape that was not spherical, nor did it appear to be any of the usual military aircraft/helicopters or military equipment that normally frequent the area. i observed it hovering directly above the beach, just south of the shoreline. it was not causing the water beneath it to spray (for instance if it were a propeller driven helicopter type) and i first thought it resembled a military hover craft , but not at that altitude. it was perfectly stationary hovering above the tree line as i drove past it on the highway. i kept looking at it as i passed it and could see the details of the external structure clearly. it was greater than 12 to 15 feet in thickness/height, and over 40 to 60 feet in width, having a rounded shape akin to perhaps a saucer or maybe an elongated teardrop. the external sides had many empennages and intricate pipework, railings, though there did not appear any sort of external antennas. i could not see any windows or ports as the sides of the vehicle were totally dark grey to black, dull and non reflective. it had some resemblances to the millenium falcon, and some to the service vehicle depicted in the district 9 movie as far as the external appearance of it. that is to say it was not sleek and or smooth on the surface structure. it looked more utilitarian. i kept comparing it against every known military vehicles and aircraft i am familiar with and kept coming up with nothing resembling it. i thought it might be a special ops team (airforce) doing some exercise using a blackhawk type)but there were no rotors, and there were no ropes or operators on the ground. once i had gone through my list of possibilities, i could only conclude that it was some sort of alien service craft, observing/surveying the south beach traffic as other vehicles and myself , passed it accordingly. i told my grand daughter, who was in the car with me to look and see the flying saucer on the beach and she observed it as well, i opened the moon roof to see it as i passed directly in front of it. as we passed, i regretted not having a camera to photograph this thing, because i had never seen anything so different hovering so close to the highway like it was. it remained perfectly stationary and motionless the entire time we passed it, i felt like i could have pulled off the road and walked up to it had i taken the time to stop. then, i realized we were running late, and had to keep on to our destination. when we returned a few hours later, it was gone. the actual date and time can be verified with respect to the holiday on ice show, other than that, its purely my personal visual observation that lead me to believe that this craft was not commercial, or earth based military in origin. it was , without question one of the most bizarre space craft type obects i have ever seen.

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Credit: MUFON

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