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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Covington, Kentucky on 2018-01-17 23:47:00 - Bright, close bluegreen fireball

(859) 802-7376i was driving up orphanage rd towards dixie. daughter was driving on superior. she saw it too. she jumped out of car thinking she'd hear a thud or rumble but it was quiet. i had windows up and radio on. thought it might have been a meteorite but wasn't white and didn't streak. it was fluorescent mostly blue/greenish, more round, like a sting ray missing the wings. fast and close like a plane coming into cvg but def was not a plane. daughter called as i was reaching for my phone to call her cell. "did you see that?" she thought it dropped down street somewhere. we actually walked and looked for craters in snow. and it's freezing out and a school night. different from any meteorite we had ever seen. i have seen lots of "shooting stars" but never anything like this. daught said she thought it was end of world for a second but i wasn't scared because it was cool. it didn't have a sparkly tail more like a neon light (laser like but not a thin line) it happened so fast. i saw video of the michigan fireball from the 16th that was all over the news. ours was def blue and didn't fade out like meteorites we have seen. very close- above tree lines, like a low flying plane. we looked at local news and social media and didn't see any reports and also looked at american meteorite site and no reports. on when, looked here as it was very strange. noticed a siting across river in oh on cin-day rd. so to the person who reported that blue fireball, we saw it in ky and from separate cars on different streets heading home !

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Credit: MUFON

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