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Sunday, January 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Chula Vista, California on 2018-01-14 17:30:00 - Bright yellow red lrg golfball shape moving in a line east and disappeared in thin air

I heard a loud sound coming from my bak yard went outside saw a bright light n. flying east it moved like a laserbeam ive never seen anything move like that.I called my boyfriend to see what i saw i thought it moved diferently than a normal aircraft it was flying in a straight line and disappeared into thin air we where amazed at what we saw i immiedantly went online to see if anyone else saw what we saw i saw the same kind of light moving in the sky when i was younger. i never told anyone. ive been hearing loud sounds coming from the sky lately. so ive been looking up at the sky alot this fling machine moved differently . im sure someone else saw what we saw 1/14/2018 5:30 pm we also saw a plane straight up in the sky also an airplane from linberg field coming in . and another right behind it prolly coming in for a landing at the same time we saw the ufo. im happy my boyfriend witnessed this ufo at the same time as me.What was wierd is it disappeared right before our eyes. it was round like a golfball solid light color of yellow red.White.No blinking lights. the airplanes have 3 blinking lights shaped ligke a triangle. they blink. less then a couple min after the sighting a lrg helicoptor flew over our house headed south. we are 11 miles from the mexican boarder. the north island navy base is close on coronado. there has been chemtrails everyday from plain white aircraft that fly north to south and south to north or north west. i wanted to document this ufo sighting while it was fresh in my mind. thank you for all the work you do to hear the populations ufo sightings. i hope ive givin enough info for you to relate to our ufo sighting.I kept saying to my boyfriend you saw that he says yes. we where amazed how the light just disappeared right before our eyes.Iwish i would of captured this ufo on my camera.

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Credit: MUFON

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