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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Aiken, South Carolina on 1968-02-29 19:30:00 - Loudly, heavily humming flying object was witnessed over school parking lot by 3 acquaintances (two teens and a catholic sister/teacher)

Several years ago i was told by a former high school friend that in 1968 he and his date (a boarder at the then catholic boarding school high school) were standing outside the gymnasium of st. angela academy on berrie road, now-defunct and razed and replaced with a house and horse paddock. my friend and i were not long ago (3-4 years) talking on the phone about ufos and the ones (with lights) that were being sighted nightly at that time i aiken out over the local highway patrol department (a few miles away): i never saw those sightings but read of the reports of such and of many people driving out there to see the ufo's in the local newspaper, if i am correct. my friend said he and his girlfriend were standing outside the gym where a dance had earlier ended and they were accompanied by a young sister of a religious order who was acting as the girl's chaperone. all three of them observed a large flying hovering object cruising in the air over the school parking lot, as if searching for something (?), and that it was humming loudly and that the young woman's long blonde hair had raised up as if by static electricity that was in the area. they watched the object for i don't recall how long before it flew away. the next school day my friend was telling people about it and that his girlfriend and the sister had seen it also and was soon told by the principal (another sister) that he was to be silent and not to talk about it, and that the younger sister was also told to be silent. that is all i know about the incident. i was a student at the school at that time as well but i did not see any ufo phenomena. (years later i saw an episode of the tv series dramatizing ufo reports in which a catholic religious sister had been seeing some sort of aerial object and who was also told to not talk about it: she left the order for various credulity-oriented reasons at the end of that story/episode. however, i don't think that this was the same sighting or sister as described above as there were too many differences in the program details.) concerning another aerial "object" sighting which i did witness in aiken, s.C., was an incident which may shed some light on perhaps the source of a few other ufo reports near nuke facilities, and which event occurred many years earlier when i was about 7-10 years old: i was living in aiken at an old house (later burned by an arsonist) at 547 york street, that is, on highway 1 north, directly north from the savannah river plant (a nuclear bomb materials development site about 18 miles south) and i was out playing around in the back yard near a large overhead scuppernong (grape)arbor when i saw a strange, large, white, fairly solid or compact-looking "cloud" floating down toward and then slowly resting upon the arbor: i was fascinated by it and started to reach up to touch the cloud, part of which it appeared that almost solid vapors were flowing down over the outside end of the arbor; (the "cloud" looked exactly like that kind of hot ice cloud phenomena that flows across the stage floors as special effects during performances at rock concerts): my mother happened to be looking out the back door and saw part of the arbor and the cloud flowing over it and she screamed at me to get away from it and to come inside, which i did, but not before i had reached up with my right hand in an effort to touch it and probably made contact with some particles of the flowing form/object: (my mother was probably very attuned to the prospect of dangers in the area possibly coming from the nuke materials production facility to the south and so was no doubt very fearful for me.) i obediently ran inside and up to the second floor of the house to look out a window overlooking the scuppernong arbor: i could see that the entire (then leafy) arbor (about 20'x40', now also destroyed by bulldozers) was covered with the basically white cloud: not too long afterward i developed a bone scist on the middle knuckle of my right ring finger which became very painful and had to be surgically removed. that was perhaps in 1960-63 and it was not until about 2015 that i was researching on the internet for possible accidental radioactive releases from srp that might have been connected with the cloud i saw when i discovered that in the very early 1960s there had indeed been such an accidental release of a cloud acknowledged to be radioactive that floated directly north toward the city of aiken area along highway 19 which veers left in the downtown area but directly north follows highway 1 up york street where i witnessed the cloud. to my knowledge the srp never acknowledged the leak nor alerted the community about it: around 2015, after having read of the report on the net from somewhere (now too hard to find thereon if in fact it hasn't been deleted therefrom) and i decided to contact srp or now called srs concerning what i had seen so many years ago: i found it very hard to locate someone by phone who would be with an official department that should be concerned about such leaks, i.E. such a department "didn't exist" because they "didn't want to admit that such leaks were either possible or that such had occurred," (i.E. so much for their concern for the public's safety:) i was finally put through to a fire department official (?) at one of the fire stations there who talked to me with a very "smiling" (excessively polite) condescending tone of voice (i.E. not at all wanting to sound like he was taking me seriously as part of their coverup policy no doubt) and who asked me where i saw the report on the net, which factual report location i could not recall; but he would not acknowledge that such a leak had occurred; and later i called back with more details left on a recorder but no one ever responded. i thought i would be helping them out by letting them know what happened to that radioactive cloud but they clearly weren't even going to admit to it. which goes to show that many of our government personnel are doomed since the bible says "deceivers and liars, etc. will not inherit the kingdom of god" i.E. they go to h*ll... no profanity in that, just informatively quoting the word for those whom it may concern. (note: again, i did not witness the previous report about the siting on berrie road but the form says "total number of witnesses including yourself" so i had to put "4", below: p.S. i did not mention the cloud i saw as anything meant to refute the possibility of alien life forms inasmuch as i believe ufos are both alien and us government aircraft.)

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