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Thursday, January 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Limoges, Ontario on 2014-07-19 19:00:00 - There were two lights flying in a straight path really close to each other and then started to split up.

Me and a member of my family were about to go to tim hortons like we used to do every night. when we left the house and started making our way to the car, he told me to look at how beautiful the sky was tonight and how there were no clouds and it was like you could see every star in the sky. so we both looked up at the sky for about 10 seconds and started making our way to the car to leave. before getting into the car i looked up at the stars again and i saw what first appeared to be some sort of plane or helicopter flying high in the sky. all i could see were the two red lights flying one in front of the other. i thought it was a plane, but the lights were not flashing, and they were also flying unusually slow for a plane. it was also completely silent, no sounds of a plane or helicopter whatsoever. i started to watch as the first light in front started accelerating faster than the one behind and started separating from each other. that's when i realised that whatever this thing was, it wasn't a plane or helicopter... i told my family member who was already in the car waiting for me to get in to get out and look at what i'm seeing in the sky. i told him that at first i thought it was a plane but now the lights a separating from each other. he chuckled and said "don't worry, its not a ufo" and then demanded that i get in the car before it gets too late. so i got in the car and watched this craft from the windows of the car until i couldn't see it anymore because it got to far away and then the trees blocked my view also. i couldn't record this event because i didn't own a phone at the time...

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Credit: MUFON

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