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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sevilla, Sevilla on 2017-04-05 19:10:00 - Humanoid being throwing during hours a large pole along 1150 feet effortless. after this, close encounter of the third kind. hostile but not agresive. antigravity, invisibility asociated.

Answers: 1. i was in a landing track for seeing plane models flying. 2. i took my binoculars for seeing better a model plane. when it landed i looked at the distance. nobody ever parks there. very strange, i thouht. 3. there was a black car. at its side there was a man, naked torso throwing a large pole. 4. about the fellow: athletic man, naked torso, tight long trousers, black boots, throwing a large pole out of human capabilities (1150 feet), no parabole, no taking a career, efortless like throwing a small dart. repetitive movements, all day. i believe that pole/pertiga created a passive antigravity shield without visible external devices, as if it were a coating or a painting. note: his appearance is identical to the "long man from wilmington" (england), an ancient hill figure about the car: black color, tinted windows, stopped near the man, closed doors, high-end car, very important: without license plate. parked in an unusual place. the man didnt visit the car. 5.I surprised myself at the first moment. i looked at him, i could see him about an hour, doing the same routine. throwing, walking, and picking up his pole. i thought of that large distance was totally explainable. so i walked towards him, but he approached i dont know how, but he materialized in front of me (i did not see the moment) and he caused me a mental conmotion like a grogi state. then i backed up, i circled twice around me and returned to my car. i lost my memory of all this for three days, then i remembered it. 6. i dont know how i lost sight of the object . when i returned to my car i did not remember anything and i left the landing field about 9 pm with the lights car on. the man and the car remained at the same place, i suppose. final consideration: i would have preferred not to have lived this experience that has marked my life forever.

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Credit: MUFON

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