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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Limoges, Nouvelle-Aquitaine on 2017-06-20 01:27:00 - Suddenly apeared, hovered, i blinked my cam light, they stoped and turned their on (stationary 4 a minute). then lifted/drifted away slowly

For the first time in 25 years, i posted a chair before my window. that day, i've been thinking about it breivelly, randomly several times (for some reason). after diner, at about 10pm, i set myself at the window and start looking at the sky, while thinking and listening music. i knew what i was expecting to see, a ufo sighting, but why this day preciselly? (first question). at about 0.50am, i see a sort of low flash and a boomrang shaped object coming toward my direction (glowing low), hovering slowlly, then, change direction to hover right in line above the buildings in front of mine. i was shaking when i realized what it was, mesmerised, and exited. i took one pic. (i can not trust my video cam, cause at night with the city lights, quality is alterated, and the range is very low, and i can't zoom it afterward, i couldn't take the risk to miss). i don't know why i didn't take more pics, probably cause what i was seeing was more important than anything at the moment. totally stuned, i'm standing there thinking of what i just seen. 35 minutes after, here "they" come again. same way as they apeared before, a low flash again and they doing the same thing, but this time, instead of coming from my left front view (south), they doing it from south west on my right front view. i take my phone out my pocket and start blinking my camera flash light toward them, and suddenly they stop and stand still, stationary and turned their lights on, to make apear this boomrang shaped object, glowing white. (some kind light i never seen before). there again, i'm frozen, mesmerisedand shaking, but i take a pic. then (after a minute maybe) it started slowly lifting up, slighly drifting, untill it became a dot, star like. (no longer visible for about 2mn, then re apeared, star like again, and stood there all night (north/west above my head).

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Credit: MUFON

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