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Sunday, January 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Montague, Prince Edward Island on 2017-07-20 22:25:00 - Lights in sky...Shot with android phone..Two videos about 10 mins long....Video kinda dark..Lights tuning to rings simultaneously..Lights would go out..Then others appear ..Illuminating the sky around and water under....Yellowish mist in air when all don

Reporting for my son who witnessed lights in the sky july 20 /2017 at approximately 10:25 pm...Was witnessed by himself..His girlfriend..Her brother and my grandson who is 8 yrs old..Was shot on an android phone two videos about 10 min long each..Was sent one of the videos to my facebook account..Video shows lights in the sky pulsating and not moving....Sometimes a couple at a time which simultaneously pulses and turns to rings and back again ..Was a mist in the air when sighting was over..Lights below in the video is the streetlights and car lights leading into georgetown pei..Video was shot in lower montague overlooking georgetown...Lights can be seen reflecting off of water as well and lighting the sky which is not seen in video son said a mist was in the air when sighting was over ..A yellowish mist ...Have a video shared from my son to my facebook timeline..Unsure how to share to this report

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Credit: MUFON

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