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Monday, January 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Newport, Minnesota on 2016-06-30 00:00:00 - Neon green glowing

I kept thinking benevolent thoughts telepathically to them and expressing that i wanted to see them one day. kept seeing them in the sky, like they drop out of extreme speed just slow enough so i could tell it was a ship then speed up and keep going. one night at like idk 1:45am when i was walking home from a friends house i was thinking yet again more benevolent based thoughts to the others/extraterrestrials i had seen that green light in the sky zip over head. when i had gotten home i was so hot from walking in a sweater, i went straight downstairs to cool off and idk maybe like 20min after i got home and was sitting there an over-whelming tiredness came over me.(this isnt the first visit, but most i remembered from one and also when the implant was received)i remember waking up from my mind being blank/just seeing black in my dream state and when i woke, i was like propped up like and sorta leaned/pushed back on the couch, remember my back had a slight jar to it so i sat up slowly and when i did, i seen the one i call the "hat-man" i felt something like a warm vibrating sensation in my abdominal region like all the muscles were sort of flexing in some strange way.(2am-ish) i didnt care on what he was doing i was more wondering like why he was there. he tweaked his head a lil but did not take his eyes off on what he was doing/operating. i blacked out just a few sec after he ratted me out for being awake lol, then woke back up idk 10min later again from seeing blackness again, this time i was sitting straight up w/perfect posture. i was think like i wonder why he was here.. then idk few min go by and i start to feel like im being watched (the hallway light was still on) and i look over and see this being standing there in this robe that is made out of like vantablack u can see the atoms flow in it/static blackness robe. i could move just not my vocals and yea i still freaked out and astral projected myself and was saying "im not ready yet" idk few moment after that i think i blacked out again and the one i call the hat-man returned and said are you ok? and was like yeah but was sorta disoriented feeling i suppose, all the lights were one when he came back/i woke. (i think the being was wearing the robe because of the cfl lighting, think it may burn their skin or something.)i talked to hat-man for a while and was about to walk around the corner into the darkness to face them and then i lost my courage cuz he had started to head back to me. i feel like he said some important things to me but i cant remember think its locked away in my sub somewhere. anyways at the end i asked him what the implant in my ankle was for and he said "its for them" and i looked at him like what? and he said "its for you and for them" and was i like ok =] lol. he said now lay back down in a calm matter(chill personality/vibes)and i said ok and layed back down covered up(remember seeing him putting everything back the way it was) and just b4 i was bout to black out i sat up super fast and was like wait! he said what? i said will i remember any of this?? he said maybe, it depends. i just shrugged and was like ok and continued on going back to sleep. and then i woke not to long i dont think after they left. i know it was dark when they first arrived but i know it began to get light outside when they were leaving, 4hr maybe more/less. i think the part of me talking to him is buried somewhere within my brain cuz when i woke i was very dehydrated. there are other events that have came back to me in a sort of rem sleep ive noticed.

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Credit: MUFON

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