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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Conneaut, Ohio on 1978-08-21 21:20:00 - Large hovering white light object with no sound. chased us in our car for about 1 mile.

Me and my two sisters were driving home around 9:30 at night in the country when we saw a huge circular or sphere shaped object emitting a bright white light and was hovering at about 100 yards at the corner of two roads. we estimated the object to be around 25-35 feet across. the night was clear and warm. we turned the corner and stopped the car and rolled down the windows - we could not hear any sound from this object. could not see any detail of the object because the light was bright and covered the entire object. here is where we were scared to death -- when we rolled down the windows and were observing the object, my sister started to drive forward slowly - as soon as our car started to move the object came down towards us quickly, to about 50 - 75 feet from our us - we all screamed and my sister hit the gas and took off as fast as the car would go. as soon as we took off, the object took off matching our speed with ease. we slowed down once to about 40 mph and the object slowed down exactly the same time and speed - still around 50-75 feet above /next to us. we took off again and got to our road and turned toward our house and the object stopped and moved back and went up to (guessing) about 500 yards and stopped and hovered their. we got home and had our parents come out and see the object which was now about 1/2 mile away. the object hovered for about 20 minutes, then suddenly the object shot straight up like a bullet and was gone out of sight within seconds. the surrounding area was open fields then woods going towards our home.

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Credit: MUFON

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