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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Momence, Illinois on 2018-01-06 05:11:00 - My sister happened to see light across the street saw it being strange and started taking pictures.

I am up in the morning at 0415 for work, my sister gets up with me. she states that she stood up to get some coffee and looked out the living room window (which is visible from the kitchen) and saw lights. her phones were on the table, she picked one up and began taking pictures as she walked further out into the living room. she took 5 pictures. what she saw scared her badly and when she gets scared like that, she doesn't talk about it until she has thought about it for awhile. she didn't wait to see what it would do, or go, she simply stopped taking pictures ad came into the kitchen. she never told me about it that day, the next evening she showed me the pictures. she had been taking pictures for a few years now, and she was recently taking pictures at night since the meteor shower. she has caught quite a few orbs and possibly some drones ,(or what i would think would be drones,) these things are kind of amazing to see, but i realize she has some of them quite zoomed in, so i realize that causes distortions, but even so, she has way too many pictures for it all to be just overpixilated junk. i've looked back in her pictures and see quite the number of odd things. i took some video last night trying to film what looks like a star but likely a drone, and couldn't get to visualize for video, but could get a still picture. in the meantime, an orb presented itself and i have footage of that. just seems like an awful lot of orbs, drones, and "star drones" around here. i have just moved in with her in september, waiting for a house i bought that both of us could combine in gets rehabbed. i had noticed a few pictures also in the past that are questionable, but figured camera error. just seems like a lot more activity, or im just more aware, or both. i attempted to take a video of the star drone she watches last night, and it was just too dark to see it for video, but was able to snap a picture of it, but also what i thought was street light coming through the bushes was actually another orb, that morphed into several shapes, and as i turned the camera/phone in towards the house, a mirror image shows at the end of the video, which if i was taking it as a reflection off the glass i would expect a mirror image, but since the camera was actually pointed in the house, i would have expected it to be a normal pic, but wasn't, and to top that, some things in the room are normal, looking into the kitchen, is an unfamiliar kitchen, i have no idea what the hell that is. i had noticed on some of her pictures in the past i would see some kind of area at the bottom or it was refection or something, but i have seen it before in her pictures, and just kind of blew it off, again thinking crazy camera error or whatever. i should mention my sister is handicapped. she is not fearful, except for the incident i mention earlier in this paragraph. i thank you for your time in reviewing this, and she is too. very much appreciated!

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Credit: MUFON

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