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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on 2018-01-22 14:00:00 - Shimmering triangle with hard-edges patterns titled slowly forward then twinkled brightly and vanished.

I was in my car after lunch and happened to glance south from the election board parking lot. it was partially cloudy, with swift-moving and changing clouds. between two of them there was a set of two bar-looking objects that were reflecting like a prism. over a few seconds they appeared to tilt from about a 45-degree angle to horizontal to the ground(pointed straight towards me after it went horizontal). as they flattened out i could see two similar, attached branching pieces flaring behind these to the south. it was a triangle(equilateral). it was only tilting towards me for a couple seconds. i could see more detail in the piece that was pointed my way. the whole thing was shimmering, kind of like the predator in the predator movies, but if he was standing in front of a blue sky with the sun about 15-20 degrees off of him and behind. you could see the outline, but other than the two parallel bar shapes in the point facing me there wasn’t much that was more than a strong shimmer. like light being bent around something roughly triangular. the “bars” i had first seen looked like panels on the underside, or at least panel-shaped zones of reflection. after a few seconds of it being still i reached into my glove box for my binoculars and tried to get it into the frame. but the angle of the sun was too close and the sky was way too bright. i quickly pulled them back down and the thing flashed brightly and was gone. the bright flash appeared to come from the base of the two bars near the center of the thing, not from the end of the bars where i could see the most detail. the thing was about the width of two fingers held 1.5 inches apart at arms length. it was between two clouds so i couldn’t tell if it was in front of them or behind. it appeared to be completely stationary, despite the rapid movement of the clouds that day. i looked for a long time after it vanished, but as cloudy as it was it could have still been there and not visible. i think i only saw it because of the gap in the clouds and the angle of the sun which was kind of behind it.

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Credit: MUFON

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