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Friday, January 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Denver, Colorado on 2016-11-14 23:00:00 - 6 lights hovering in formation +1 'go-between', w/ video

While driving home from work on i-25 between longmont and denver, colorado, i witnessed 6 bright lights hovering in formation approx. above denver intl. airport. i noticed the lights on my approach to the interstate but wrote them off as stars. i lost sight of them as i passed through the area of town closest to the freeway but as i merged onto i-25 regained visual and realized they were not stars. i then assumed them to be landing lights of approaching aircraft, fairly common sight but normally in low visibility which was not an issue this night. i quickly realized this was not the case either as these objects were stationary. they were formed in 2 triangle formations of 3 each, separated by 2-5 miles. i drove south for approx. 5-7 mins. and observed no motion. after about 6 miles and watching the whole time i exited the freeway and proceeded to a secluded park & ride lot to watch and get some video. as i parked i noticed that 2 of the lights were no longer visible, 1 from each side so now 2 sets of 2 but still motionless and holding formation. as i started filming i noticed another object, smaller with a different appearance, that seemed to be moving slowly between the other lights. this one appeared much dimmer white light but seemed to pulsate. after watching for a minute it seemed to have another light of a green color inside of it that appeared to be spinning. that's the best i can describe it. i documented about 3 minutes of this and observed what i assumed fighter jets inbound from the west, high speed and elevation, at which point i honestly believed that something big was happening and decided i needed to get home to my family. of course, i regret not getting more video but having had a previous encounter and with the location of the event, i firmly believed this situation would escalate, to what degree i didn't know and felt i needed to reach my family. i returned to the freeway and headed south while still observing the event which was now due east when the lights started to vanish and reappear for a short time. i then watched what had been one of the stationary lights start moving, change radiance and take on the pulsing appearance. it traveled slowly to the sw for a short time before abruptly turning due north, opposite my direction of travel, essentially coming straight at me but continuing it's same, slow speed. this is how i confirmed it not to be any commercial aircraft, far too slow. also, it's movement was very smooth, fluid, no degree of erratic movement of any kind. it continued on its northbound path and when at about my 11 o'clock position i attempted to catch more video, which i did but of low quality. it passed over and to my left where i could now see a shape with randomly flashing red and green lights from the bottom side of a square within another square. the lights flashed from center outwards, red front to rear and green to the sides, without rhythm. i'd estimate it's elevation at 1,000 to 2,000 feet at a speed of 100-150mph max, and absent of sound. if one hadn't been watching it it would easily have been dismissed as some common aircraft, i.E. helicopter, smaller plane, and wouldn't have drawn much attention. i watched as long as i could and it continued north, out of sight. by this time i was into the city and couldn't see the remaining lights and by the time i got to where i could see the airport again, all appeared normal again. this all took place over a span of approx. 30 to 40 minutes starting around 11:00pm on a november night in 2016. apologies for the poor video.

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Credit: MUFON

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