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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania on 2018-02-04 01:38:00 - I was looking out of the kitchen window when odd and extremely bright orbits appeared hovering they were in a perfect alignment. whilewatching them others appeared i called for my wife we went outside and watched them until they disappeared .

My dog woke me up to go outside this a normal routine for him. i always look outside at the bird feeder to check for deer . this extremely bright orbit appeared i thought at it was a life flight helicopter it didn’t move then 2 other orbits appeared and they were in a perfect alignment with each other(straight up and down ). they started to move as if they were attached to each other . then another identical line of orbits 3 in each line a total of 4 lines evenly spaced. i ran out the back door calling for my wife . she joined me outside i pointed. at the formation we stood there and watched this formation travel from the se towards a northern track . it was like they were all connected . the spacing between each orbit and each line was evenly spaced. the middle orbit would just disappear then in a link of an eye they would be there . they tsuddenly turned to the northeast as a single unit . they ttraveled towards kecksburg,pa, then in a single movement each line suddenly disappeared as fast as they appeared . ( it was like watching star trek ) . my wife turned to me and said these word. i thought ancient alien and hangar one is a farce. we are not alone they are real. we were bare footed and in our pj s standing on ice and we didn’t realize this . she stated there is a reason people don’t get these events on film , you don’t think of it ,you just stand there in amazement of it all . she doesn’t want to talk about ior wants anybody to know about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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