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Saturday, February 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Las Cruces, New Mexico on 2018-02-06 18:50:00 - Glowing green orb in sky moving at a medium pace leaving behind temporary green mist that evaporated.

I had gotten out of my anatomy and physiology class an hour early,and it was already dark outside. i'm female and although i live in a safe town my girlfriend and i like to walk eachother to our cars every time after class. her and i made our way through the college and out the doors when we came to my parked car. i was the first to witness it and immediately asked my friend from class, "do you see that too? what is that??" she replied "i don't know but i don't want to stay around. just get in your car." i stayed standing there mesmirized at the object and kept yelling at a distance to my friend who was now walking away to her car; "but what is that (insert her name)???" she replied one last time; "stop freaking me out. aliens are my worst fear" (so before i even mentioned the possibility of e.T.S my friend unprovoked assumed the same, as we both had never seen anything to the likes of what we were watching.) she walked out of my sight into the darkened dirt parking lot and i stayed staring at the object. it was a glowing peridot-lightforest mixture of green colored orb and it was slowly but steadily making its way south at a medium pace. i don't have very good far sighted vision so i couldn't see details. what i did see what an airplane going to or from the el paso airport in nearby texas,and the airplane flew close by the glowing green orb like they didn't see it. i would say that it was approx. half a mile away from me in the sky. it was leaving behind a glowing green luminescence that would dissipate after ten-twenty seconds. it was definitely round in shape and almost looked like it was made of green fire. i have never seen anything like it. i also got the immense feeling or knowing that i was seeing something man made that wasn't from us. i also got a knowing that it was doing some sort of task or job. i should have gotten my phone out to take a photo but it was far enough away that it'd just have shown up too small, nor did i imagine that i would be writing a report days later, after doing some research and not finding any aircrafts that fit the description or comets/asteroids that give off a green fire. i also thought that nobody would believe me, hence why only my friend who saw it knows and i haven't told anyone else until now. the orb didnt make me feel uneasy, but it came off very playful, well, ignited a playful feeling inside of me. i only watched it for approx. six minutes before i decided that i should get home. when i got in my car and made a turn to get out of the parking lot and looked back through my windshield i saw that the glowing green orb was knowhere to be found. odd experience but i hope to have more as it was so interesting.

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Credit: MUFON

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